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How to give your diet a healthy boost

Written by Fiona

December 01 2015

I prefer to eat a healthy and balanced diet of food, rather than packets of meal replacements. But there are times when that doesn’t work. There are times when I need a meal to be fast, easy and filling.

I also prefer to get all my vitamins and nutrients from my regular diet but, again, there are times when I need a back up. This is when I turn to supplements to give my body and health and helping hand.

All this is particularly important when doing a lot of sport. I am active on a daily basis and I am often hungry. Oh, and I’m not getting any younger!

A useful meal replacement


I confess I am sceptical about the benefits of meal replacements but Ultralife Fitness Shake promised good things. Also, at busy times of the year, like the build up to Christmas, I can find myself hungry and looking for something quick and nutritious to eat.

As a sporty person, I’m also aware of the need to take in the right nutrients and keep my energy levels up while not over-doing the calories.

The Fitness Shake sachets (simply mix them with water) offered all sorts of good things, including boosted energy levels while on the go, low GI (so you feel full for longer), essential nutrients and protein to help build lean muscle mass and essential omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that can have been shown to lower cholesterol.

I also like that the Fitness Shakes are dairy-free and have no added colourings, flavours or preservatives.

But would it taste ok? If this was going to become a handy meal replacement for times when I am too busy to fix a proper meal it would need to be palatable (and so often these products are not!). Amazingly, it does taste okay.

I’ll be honest as it’s not the best thing I’ve ever tasted and if you are thinking that it will taste like regular milkshake (all sweet and delicious) then think again but for a quick fix meal replacement it’s easy to drink and fairly palatable.

I tried the strawberry flavour and the vanilla flavour and much preferred the strawberry. I also found that it did fill me up for many hours afterwards. I am normally hungry every hour or so but after just one sachet I seemed to be able to keep going for a few hours before the hunger pangs struck again.

If you are looking for a speedy meal that is energy-giving and will fill-you-up-for-longer so you can maintain a sporty life and lose weight, the Fitness Shake is a good option.

You can buy 24 sachets for £36.96 at Ultralifeshop so each meal is a little over £1.50 each time.

While you’re at it you might like to try HMB, which is claimed to help our body to recover after a sports session.

Take in some extra vitamins

NA2211Last winter, I suffered months of chest infections and looking back I wonder if I was a bit rundown and lacking in a range of nutrients. This winter I’ll be taking no such risk. I have planned a year of racing and I want to make sure I stay healthy over the winter so I can keep on training.

I will be taking a Multi-Vitamin supplement. Each UltraLife multi vitamin sachet includes 25 essential Vitamins, including Vitamins C, E, D, K. For 14 sachets it costs £8.12 and I recommend the tropical over the orange, simply because I think it tastes nicer.

Fight age with antioxidants

NA2321I am loathe to admit it but there does comes a time when you start to worry about the ageing process. I occasionally wonder if I am getting all the right nutrients and if I am doing all I can to keep my immune system healthy and to avoid cell damage.

Keeping fit helps and eating a balanced diet is vital but why not add in a daily sachet of antioxidants? Antioxidants are said to provide protection against harmful free radicals that cause oxidisation, a proven cause of premature ageing.Who knows if these work but it’s not difficult to mix a sachet with some water and drink it on a daily basis so I don’t think there’s much to lose.

Ultralife’s Antioxidant sachets (just add water for a refreshing drink) contain vitamins A, C and E to aid your immune system and also to, hopefully, fight cell damage. Well, there’s no harm in giving your body a little help boost is there?

A world of health boosting help

In fact, if you are looking for all kinds of health giving supplements take a look at Ultra Life Shop. There is a world of choice.

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