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Enjoying water sports in the Mediterranean

Written by Fiona

January 19 2016

When you think of an idyllic Mediterranean holiday, visions of sun-drenched beaches and elegant terraces probably spring to mind. While it’s pleasant enough to sit at the water’s edge and admire the views, the sea itself offers a range of activities for those who like to get their pulse racing. Soar above the water or dive beneath its depths with these exciting Mediterranean water sports.


Surfing is usually associated with ocean beaches, but there are areas of the Mediterranean where swells are large enough to enjoy a thrilling ride. Despite being a mostly closed sea, the Med offers long period swells in a number of locations.

For example, Sardinia is considered to be one of the top destinations for surfers, as is the south of France. The autumn is claimed to be the best time to catch a wave, when the water is still warm yet there’s an increase in windy conditions to create the best swells.

Sea kayaking

Explore the Med’s hidden caves, arches, and grottos by kayak. As you’re learning to navigate the ocean in this traditional boat, you’ll want to start out in calm bays before progressing to choppier waters.

Go island hopping by ferry to find hidden gems, whether it’s in the Canary Islands or the mythic landscapes of the Cyclades. Book online your tickets for ferries and then jump onto a smaller boat upon arrival to find your own private beaches.


If you’ve seen the latest James Bond films, you may have witnessed flyboarding in action. It’s one of the fastest growing extreme sports and you’ll find a number of instructors on Mediterranean destinations from Corsica to Nice. You’ll feel like a superhero with a jetpack strapped to your back as you soar over the water!

Paddleboard yoga

After you’ve worked up a sweat with activities like the ones mentioned above, you may be in the mood to cool down and stretch your muscles. Paddleboard yoga has become one of the trendiest sports in the Mediterranean.

It requires a bit of practice to build up your balance, but once you’re able to get the hang of it there’s nothing more relaxing than quietly working on your tree pose surrounded by an expanse of blue sea and sky.

And naturally, it’s hard to beat the Mediterranean for snorkelling and scuba diving. No matter what activity you prefer, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities for adventure!


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