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How to Follow Your Favorite Racers

Written by Fiona

February 12 2016

Football and tennis stars may bask in the limelight, but you know that the real action takes place far away from courts and fields. Your favourite sports stars shred powder on some of the tallest mountains and steepest slopes around the world. That’s a talent that goes beyond scoring points and making smart plays.

Since skiers and snowboarders don’t get the same TV time as other athletes, it can be hard to keep up with what they are doing. The experts at Long Beach Direct TV make these suggestions for how to keep up with your favourite skiers and snowboarders:

Athlete websites

If you’re a huge fan of Jenny Jones or Billy Morgan, for example, you can find out what they’re up to next by going straight to their websites. Most professional athletes maintain their own websites, where they share information about their next appearance, competition, charity event, or sponsorship.

Many of these websites offer an RSS feed or a newsletter so that you can be notified about new information without having to go back to the site each time. Individual athlete websites often offer extras like personal updates, photographs, and merchandise. You can stay informed and enjoy being a fan.

Organisation and fan sites

Numerous ski and snowboarding organisations and magazines have websites that offer information about current sporting events and the hottest athletes. Some examples include U. Snowboarding, Skiing Magazine, and the US Ski and Snowboard Association. Fan sites include and

These sites are chock full of information about current events and athletes. There is also information for aspiring skiers and snowboarders, such as the best gear to use and how to get started competing professionally.

Social media

Social media is a wonderful way to stay connected with the athletes you admire, as well as to stay informed. You can learn information about everything from sporting events to world affairs through social media.

Many skiers and snowboarders have an active presence on social media. Check out these notable skiers and snowboarders on Twitter and these on Instagram. By following along with their status updates and photos, you can feel like you are part of the action or behind the scenes during training.

Meet up groups

Local meet up groups and clubs are a great way to connect with other fans and to keep track of your favourite athletes. You can get together to talk about your favorites, to review stats, to watch old competitions, to watch new competitions, or even to go to events in person.

You can learn a lot about the sport and the athletes you love by connecting with other fans. Plus you might make some great new friends who share your interests.

Of course, getting the right satellite TV or satellite package will give you the opportunity to watch any of the competitions you want for your favourite athletes. However, if the televised events are not available in your area, you can use these other methods to keep up with athletes.

  • Thank you to Sara Stringer for contributing this post.

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