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Kit review: Julbo Nautic Swell sunglasses

Written by Fiona

February 22 2016

The G-Force needed new sunglasses. His favourite brand for years has been Oakley but he is not kind to his sunglasses and they usually end up being scratched and bent after a couple of years of use. Oakleys are pricey and so he went in search of something that offered good quality but for less money.

The solution, he decided, would be Julbo Swell sunglasses.

Julbo Nautic Swell Sunglasses

The sunglasses have a black/sky blue frame with polarised 3+ smoked lens.

Features include:

  • Frames created from ultra-light yet robust polypropylene
  • A wraparound frame for excellent coverage
  • Grip Nose
  • Grip Tech (around the temples)
  • Adjustable cord

On test: Julbo Nautic Swell Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.20.08

Swell_bleu_jaune_J441-8012_3412_2 Swell_blanc-gris_J441-9111_3413_2 Swell_noir_orange_J428-8014_3411_2

The G-Force is very fussy about what he buys and what it looks like. When the sunglasses arrived he seemed pretty pleased with them. He wore the sunglasses on almost every day of our American skiing trip. When the weather was really bad he resorted to ski goggles but on sunny, dry and not-too-windy days he wore the Julbo Swell sunglasses.

He told me:

The sunglasses are very light but still feel secure on the face. Although they are not as expensive as Oakleys the build quality and design feels as good. The design also looks cool but not garish

I found that the glasses offered good protection with the wraparound style so the wind did not affect my eyes when skiing. I also found that the light was nicely blocked from the sides thanks to the design.

The lens darkness of grade three worked well on most days but in really bright sun, especially when light was  reflected from the snow, I would have preferred to be wearing grade 4 lenses.

The sunglasses coped with a bit of a bashing about when I took them in and out of bags/pockets. After two weeks of being used they have no scratches and the shape is as good as when I first put them on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.20.33

I am impressed by how strong and durable the sunglasses are for the price and despite them being so lightweight. I am pleased I have found sunglasses that match other more expensive brands for quality but at a much more desirable price.

However, I do have a couple of grips. I found the arms of the sunglasses to be quite thick and after a few days I found they irritated by ears under my ski helmet. I persevered with them and by the end of the holiday they were comfortable. I think they needed a bit of wearing in.

When I was sweating while skiing the glasses did slip a bit on my face. I have had far worse with other sunglasses and I admit I do sweat a lot so it’s all relative. To combat that I added the cord. This kept the sunglasses nicely in place.

To find out more see Julbo and Julbo Nautic Swell sunglasses, which rrp at £55 with the Spectron 3 lenses. Chekc out retailer Joe Brown. They can be bought with photochromic lenses, too.

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