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Kit review: Freya Active lightweight sports shorts

Written by Fiona

March 29 2016

Freya has treated a number of items in its Active Sports Collection with Polygiene, a permanent anti-odour agent.

Polygiene is a “highly-effective, naturally-occurring, anti-bacterial treatment”.

With Polygiene-treated kit, you can wear the items for longer and wash them less because more the “clever silver salt in the treatment” inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

The Freya Active lightweight running shorts include Polygiene’s “cutting-edge odour management technology”, which is applied to the fabric during the finishing stages of the garment and is a “permanent treatment so it won’t wash out”.

Benefits of using Polygiene treated gear, such as Freya Active’s shorts, include:

  • Wash less/reduce energy consumption – garments can be used several times without needing to be washed. Saving on energy, water, detergent and time.
  • Longer lifetime span – fibres in garments live longer because of the elimination of bacteria and excessive washing.
  • Recyclable – can be recycled when worn-out.

On test: Freya Active lightweight running shorts

In the interests of this review I wore the shorts until they whiffed a bit. I found I could wear them three times for running. I wouldn’t normally do so but I did! Even after three wears the whiff wasn’t that much and I think I could have worn them another couple of times so long as I didn’t get too close to other people.

I wore the shorts under my normal running tights. I have to confess I would not feel comfortable wearing these shorts in public without tights over the top! The leg of the shorts is too short and not particularly flattering. The leg hem digs into the skin/fat and creates a very unattractive bulge. If you are super duper sleek and ft-free then you might be ok but I am not overly chubby and I didn’t like the look at all.

The shorts come high up the waist, too, even though there is a fold-down feature. I am not a fan of this. I prefer low-rise waists for sports kit although I am sure there are women who prefer a higher waist. Saying that, the comfort levels of the waist is actually okay even though it is quite high.

The colours of the shorts are fab so it’s a shame I will never be able to wear them to show that off.

These shorts will be reserved for wearing under other sports kit and they are useful in terms of reduced odour. The Polygiene works well. They would be an asset if you were doing a multi-day walking adventure.

The shorts cost £18 at Freya Active. Also see

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