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Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport

Written by Fiona

June 10 2016

I get hungry. A lot. I have been like this most of my life and I seem to need to eat small and often. The problem is that sometimes I run out of fuel just before going for a run.

And there is another problem. If I eat too close to an exercise session, especially running, or the wrong types of foods, I end up with a sore and upset stomach. Sometimes I am also sick.

So what I eat on a daily basis, because I usually do some kind of exercise, really matters.

Mostly, I try to eat a balanced diet of healthy and filling foods. I have learned to avoid shop bought and overly processed bread and lots of foods with gluten/wheat in them. I am not specifically gluten intolerant but it helps to avoid a lot of bread, pasta and cakes.

However, there are times when I need to feel full and when I want to eat within two hours of a run. Finally I think I might have found something: Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport

Details of Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport

  • Described as a “meal replacement for weight control and support of a balanced diet”.
  • The claims:
  • Shake contains 18g of protein, which supports the growth of muscle mass
  • Formula1 Sport contains both Casein and Whey protein, both high quality dairy proteins
  • 219 kcal per serving to help manage your calorific intake
  • Protein-carbohydrate blend with fibre and essential vitamins and minerals
  • Vitamins C, E and Selenium help to protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress

See Herbalife24

On test: Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport

I am not keen on supplements as a rule. I think it’s better – and cheaper – to eat proper nutrient giving foods and a nutritionally balanced diet. But there are times when I need a quick fix.

The Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport has been working for me. Unlike all other protein-based shakes that I have tried, this one tastes nice. It is quite sweet but since you only need 250mls of it, that’s fine.

Most other protein-based supplements that I have had have a yucky chalky feel and taste to them. The Herbalife vanilla is like eating vanilla icecream. It’s still a bit fake tasting but it’s not at all bad.

The 250ml measure includes two scoops of powder added to semi-skimmed milk. If you are dairy intolerant his won’t work for you.

I have tested the product many times and I have found it fills me up for between two to three hours. That’s just 250ml of shake, 219 calories and I need no other food for several hours. To me, this is a miracle! I usually find myself hungry every hour to two hours.

The product says it will last four hours but I haven’t found that. Still two to three hours is fine. You can use the supplement as a way to lose weight by replacing two normal meals with the filling protein based fuel.

I don’t need to lose weight so I just use it when I need a quick meal/snack. It’s really good if you are out and about and can’t find the right thing to eat.

I have also been impressed by how my stomach copes with the supplement. I have run six miles after consuming the 250ml shake only 1hr 10 mins before. Normally I’d end up with a sore stomach, nausea and worse. This hasn’t happened.

I can see that this might be a good product for people who take part in long distance events, such as ultra running or cycling, and need easy food while on the go. If you want to lose weight it is a simple way to fill up but it doesn’t tick all the vitamins etc you’ll need for staying properly healthy.

Conclusion: I have no idea if the protein has made me stronger, more muscly and healthier but it does offer an easy solution for the occasions when I have run out of food to eat and I need a quick calorie boost. It is really filling and stops me from grazing o rubbish between meals. It is also kind enough on my stomach to allow me to exercise within my usual two-hour window.

Cost is £45.55 from: Herbalife 24 order.

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