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Telic Recovery Footwear (flip-flops)

Written by Fiona

June 16 2016

Walking, cycling and running can leave you with tired feet – but now you treat them to some well-earned TLC with Telic footwear.

Telic is an American import to the UK and makes use of an innovative material called Novalon. The footwear comes in different styles, including flip-flops and Slide, Z Strap and Dream sandals, which are meant to offer comfort and recovery to your feet.

Novalon properties include:

  • Body-heat activated. It softens as it reacts with your body temperature to conform to your foot shape.
  • Soft and lightweight.
  • Contoured to cradle and support the arches of your feet.
  • Textured to offer a gentle massaging effect.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.

The Telics are priced £35 to £45. See New Heights


On test: Telic Flipflops

I immediately liked the colourful range. Little Miss reckoned they were a bit bright (I have the orange) and the G-Force rolled his eyes when he saw them. But I like them.

I also like how comfortable they are. I usually find that flipflops rub between my toes making them quickly unwearable. But the Telics didn’t do that at all.

They are soft and spongy to wear but without being unsupportive. I would liken them to memory-foam. When wearing them they sort of mould to your feet and give great support along the arches and the heel.

The textured footbed looked like it would be annoying and uncomfortable but it actually felt lovely.


I have been wearing the flipflops for general pottering around, after running and walking Munros and for getting to and from the loch when open water swimming. In fact, I have been wearing them a lot more than I imaged I would!

I plan to take the with me on our summer holiday to Croatia. They are so comfortable that I would wear them for sightseeing and on the beach.


However, from all the blurb you would think that Telic are the first to create something revolutionary with the flip-flop.  But I remember FitFlops offering many of the same features and they were invented many years ago. Telic flipflops are cheaper though I think.

If you don’t like bright plasticky colours I suggest you choose black, dark blue or brown. White would probably get dirty very easily.

flip-flops-unisex-made-in-usa-by-terox-footwear-12My favourite colours are purple, green, pink, orange, turquoise and red. I do really like these Telic flip-flops for summer wear and wearing indoors after exercise.

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