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Give it a try: The Swimming Swoosh

Written by Fiona

June 21 2016

I sometimes spot events that simply look amazing. This one is a wild swimming event called the Bantham Swoosh.

It takes place for the second time on July 2 and sees participants swim downstream from the South Hams village of Aveton Gifford to the estuary end, taking advantage of the outgoing tide that accelerates swimmers on a downstream surge if timed correctly.

Last year, the event was so successful that Bantham owner Nicholas Johnston gave the organisers, The Outdoor Swimming Society, permission to hold it again.

Bantham Beach was last year voted Europe’s sixth most beautiful by the Lonely Planet.

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The Outdoor Swimming Society hold wild swims all over the country. Organiser Kate Rew said: “This is a world class swim. The estuary is shallow and can be crystal clear, giving swimmers the sensation of snorkelling over sand ridges, fallen leaves and seaweed as they swim.

“As you approach the end of the swim the estuary narrows, creating the ‘swoosh’, which is an increasingly fast moving body of water that carries you towards the sea. It can run at eight knots – and you’ll swim four times faster. It’s exciting, invigorating, beautiful and fun.”


For more information on The Swoosh and The Outdoor Swimming Society see

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