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On a budget: Essential kit for skiing this winter

Written by Fiona

September 28 2016

Whether you plan to ski in Scotland or head off to Europe of further afield, you’ll need a list of essential skiing kit. If you’re on a tight-ish budget here are some great ideas from one of my favourite outdoor stores, Decathlon.

Skiing baselayers

big_4295c25afd4f4689866ff601b4a68454Wear a long-sleeved top and baselayer leggings to trap heat next to the skin. This is your essential first layer before you add other clothing for extra warmth.

I like Wed’ze Freshwarm hooded baselayer top because of the fitted hood that easily fits under a ski helmet. £9.99.

There’s a women’s top and for men.


For even less money, the Wed’ze Simple Warm top is worth a look. You could double up with two of these tops for less than £8. Each Wed’ze Simple top is £3.99.


Add Wed’ze Simple Warm Women’s Trousers for £3.99. (There’s a men’s fit, too.)

Ski trousers

I prefer to wear ski trousers without braces because they are easier to cope with when you need a bathroom stop. For a simple and stylish black pair how about the Wed’ze Slide 500 ski trousers for £39.99?

They come in pink, too, for a jazzier look.

If I know it’s going to be colder or snowier I would go for ski trousers with a higher waistline and braces. The Wed’ze Free 900 ski trousers for a discounted price of £59.99 look good.

Ski jacket

I think it’s worth spending a bit more on a good quality jacket because this is the part if your ski outfit that has to work the hardest at keeping you warm and also needs to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

big_caa4480b0d31407281e471163dbb2353The Wed’ze Slide 900 ski jacket offers warmth and breathability with a stretch component for freedom of movement. It costs £99.99.

big_3186a59a45fc4147ba63fb393e346e48A cheaper alternative with a warming down fill is the Wed’ze Midslide warm ski jacket priced at £59.99.

Ski helmet

big_8b80b2f238064bd68fbce86a6b0defdbSome resorts insist that you wear a helmet while others leave it up to you. Most people now choose to wear a ski helmet. The Wed’ze Stream 500 helmet, in white or black, does the job perfectly.

It has rigid ears plus a head circumference adjustment system to ensure a good hold, better protection and warmth. Priced £29.99

Ski goggles

Looks and fit are important when choosing ski goggles and also it’s a good idea to have a pair that suits a range of weather conditions, from sunny and bright to white out. I really like Julbo as a brand and Decathlon sell the Julbo Pioneer All Weather goggles for £34.99. There’s a women’s version and Julbo Pioneer All Weather goggles for men.

Gloves and mittens

I get cold hands so I wear liner gloves with mittens over the top. Decathlon’s silk liner gloves are very hard to beat. I’ve had dozens of pairs of the years. See Quechua Forclaz 100 silk liner gloves for £5.99.

The Wed’ze Chill Heat adult ski mittens look to be good value as well. They are waterproof and breathable and cost £9.99

Ski socks


You need ski socks to fit and offer padding in all the right places. The Wed’ze Heatline socks tick all the boxes and they are breathable for sweaty feet. Price £9.99.

Ski boots

I recommend you buy your won ski boots and then hire skis and poles when you get to your resort. The choice of ski boots is huge and depends on fit and your budget. Always head along to a store to be properly fitted for boots. Most Decathlon stores offer a ski boot fit service. See ski boots.

What I like about Decathlon is that they sell budget range products but if you want to spend a bit more on a few more features you can go up a price level. I think it’s worth spending more on ski boots, jackets, helmet and goggles and keeping the cost down on items such as ski trousers and base layers. We have two Decathlon stores near Glasgow and I use them both.

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