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Mixed fortunes of Hogmanay 2016 in Glencoe

Written by Fiona

January 01 2017

Hogmanay 2016 proved to be a mix of emotions and outcomes after planning (months ago) to head to Glencoe with our young guests, Mo (my god-daughter), her fiancé Luke and her brother Tim. 
We wanted to show Mo, Tim and Luke the amazing scenery of Glencoe for the first time.
Unfortunately, after a long spell of fairly good weather, Hogmanay turned out to be very rainy and windy in Scotland.

Tim, Mo and Luke with Wispa the Wonder Whippet “enjoying” the wet weather in Glencoe.

The drive from Glasgow to Glencoe was done in rain and clouds, which meant that most of the mountains could hardly be seen.

Huge and fast flowing Glencoe river.

Fortunately, the trio were game enough to agree to a wet and windy walk from a car park on the A82 at the top of Glencoe valley towards the Hidden Valley (Coire Gabhail).
We were lucky with the stunning views of swollen rivers, bonkers waterfalls and even a few mountain peaks.

My apologies but apparently Tim likes to do a silly smile (every time he has his photo taken!)

I have rarely seen the valleys so wet and wonderful in Scotland so it turned out to be a bit of a visual treat – and the walk was a great adventure for the mountain hiking novices.

Waterfall shower.

We all agreed we had made the best of the awful weather and as we left them at the SYHA Glencoe Youth Hostel to shower and change, they were still smiling despite being wet and shivery.
Fortunately, again, we then managed to bag a table at the Clachaig Inn for the famous Hogmanay party.
Unfortunately, before the party kicked off and just as we were settling into an evening of food, drink and chat, Mo received a call from her ex to be told her young son was in hospital with a broken leg.
Very sadly, but understandably, this meant that Mo, Luke and Tim left Glencoe in darkness to drive through the night and straight to the hospital in Sheffield.
Also, rather sadly, this left the G-Force, myself and our friend Nick sat on our own at a big table in the Clachaig.

Kerri, Katie, the G-Force and me.



Katie, G and me.

Fortunately, we were joined by two people I have known for a while but have never spent much time with, Graham and Katie, aka the ultra running Beardy and Blondie. Their banter and fun perked us all up. (Big respect to B&B, who got up after a night of drink to run the Aonach Mor Uphill race today.)
Two of their friends, Scott and Kerri, were also grateful for a sit down at our table (it was mostly standing room only in the very busy pub) and we got to know them as well.
At midnight, we raised a glass to friendship, the great outdoors, fun, laughter and a toast of speedy recovery to Eddie and the missed company of lovely Mo, Luke and Tim.

A very long day for Wispa… She could not wait to crash out in Fern the Campervan after the Hogmanay party.

It was also such a shame they did not wake up on New Year’s Day to the clear and bright views of Glencoe that we so enjoyed today.
After surgery and now wearing a big stookie, baby Eddie is resting and recovering at home with Mo and Luke.
We hope that Mo, Luke and Tim will return soon so we can show them more of the fabulous Scottish landscape in much better weather.

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