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On test: Kids’ fitness gadget ReimaGO

Written by Fiona

January 05 2017

ReimaGO is the world’s first activity sensor for kids that is worn attached to clothing.

Children’s skiwear brand Reima has partnered with sport watch company Suunto to create ReimaGO. The

ReimaGO gadget is a durable and waterproof sensor that attaches to clothing.

For convenience, you can buy a Reima fleece that comes with a special pocket on the upper arm for holding the sensor.

The sensor collects data when children are active, recording duration and intensity of movement, and sends it to a mobile app.

The ReimaGO app turns the collected data into energy for a virtual character in a playful scoreboard, which acts as a log of a child’s activity.

Parents can set surprises and reward children for their efforts via the ReimaGO app.

A Reima spokesperson said: “Fitness trackers for children have been dominated by the kids’ version of adult fitness bands, but, by adding tech into jackets, it suddenly becomes less intrusive.

“ReimaGO isn’t about monitoring heart rate or calorie counting, it’s about  encouraging an active lifestyle, whether a child is at school or enjoying free time.”

The recommended price for the ReimaGO sensor is £39. A Reima fleece is priced from £50 and a Reima jacket from £96.

See: Snow + Rock for ReimaGO products.

Cormac tests the ReimaGO

Seven-year-old Cormac and mum, Ellen, give me their thoughts on the new ReimaGO.

Ellen said:”It’s a good concept, especially if you’re a Fitbit family like we are. I like that it’s easy to set up and get going. It follows a simple gaming style of getting from one stage to the next.

“I think the long-term incentive will come from linking the activity to real-world activity. Perhaps, earning screen time for each stage of activity achieved. Although, these types of reward schemes are probably more relevant to better mothers than me who police these things properly!”

Cormac really liked the ReimaGO and enjoyed using it and finding out how active he had been. His older brother has a Fitbit, which meant Cormac understood the concept of an activity gadget but he liked having his own junior friendly product.

He said: “It’s cool and I love it.”

Ellen and Cormac also like the fleece ReimaGO hoody. Ellen said: “The hoody is well made and warm. I like the red-blue sleeve thing. I’ve just washed it and it’s come out really well.

“It would be good if the device also had other ways of being worn. I know you could put it in a pocket, but the chances of ending up in the washing machine are high.

“How about in a fitness belt so that the child can wear it all the time, if you don’t have a wardrobe of proper garments?”

Another negative for Ellen is the tie up to a mobile phone or tablet. She said: “The ReimaGO requires use of a  phone or ipad to sync their activity. It might be just me, but I tend to avoid handing my phone over to my kids. It also encourages them to use phones/ipads more, though this may be unavoidable.”

Ellen feels the gadget and hoody are quite pricey. She said: “The sensor and hoody cost £89 in total and that is quite a lot especially if you have a couple of kids and when there are other kids’ activity trackers on the market for less.”

Overall, Ellen and Cormac liked the gadget. Cormac in particular enjoyed having his own special activity tracker.  However, Ellen said:”It’s a bit too pricey and it requires parental imagination and effort to make it properly engaging.”

Snow + Rock for ReimaGO products. 

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