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Infographic: Airline bike carriage costs compared

Written by Fiona

February 03 2017

Cycling is more popular than ever  – and with this growth in the sport, more people are planning a cycling holiday,. Others are choosing to take  part in overseas sportives and triathlons. All this usually means that cyclists need to book their bike (wrapped up in a bike bag) on to a plane.

So which airline offers the best deals and which ones charge the most for bicycle transportation?

Mindful that spring cycling holidays are just around the corner, Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance has collaborated with designer Richard Mitchelson, “Ritch Mitch”, to create a handy infographic guide to the costs and weight allowances for 16 airlines that fly within Europe.

The infographic highlights 16 airlines frequently used by cyclists to travel to Europe on a cycling trip. It outlines what the weight allowance is for a bicycle and what extra charges should be expected if travelling in economy class.

Bike luggage charges on airlines

bike luggage charges for air travel infographic yellow jersey cycle insurance

Look closely at the airlines that charge for extra bike baggage, the costs and the weight allowances. It’s interesting to consider different flight options in Europe.

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