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lululemon Tight Stuff Tight II running tights

Written by Fiona

February 17 2017

I have been testing lululemon Tight Stuff Tight IIs for running. Of all the clothes that I tried on in the Glasgow store during a recent visit, this was the item I most liked.

I immediately liked the fit, the soft feel of the fabric, the all-round support, the look and the details. I am not so sure I like the price of £138 but then again I have rated a pair of SKINS at £150 as a great buy so I am open to considering the worth of the lululemon tights at this price.

The Tight Stuff Tight II features:

  • Four-way stretch “Full-on LUXTREME” fabric that’s sweat-wicking and offers support and coverage with a cool, smooth feel.
  • Added Lycra for stretch and shape retention
  • 2 waistband pockets: One zipped at the back of the waistband and one open-topped at the front
  • 2 open-top stretch pockets at the side
  • 7/8ths crop length
  • Pretty ankle hem cut
  • Reflective details
  • “Tight sensation”
  • Colours: Black or magenta
  • Price: £138
  • See lululemon

The tights from the back (not modelled by me!).

On test: lululemon Tight Stuff Tight II running tights

The fabric of the tights is so lovely on bare skin and to the touch. It feels soft and light yet also nicely supportive. I would not say they are as tight as other compression tights I own but they are still supportive.

One of the features is “tight sensation”. I am not sure what this means. They have the sensation of being tight? Or they are like tights; the tights you might wear with a skirt to the office? This seems like a strange thing to state.

Waistband drawcord.

The tights fit really well. I like a lower waistband and these have the lowest waist I could find in the lululemon shop. It’s still not as low as I prefer but it’s just about okay. (I hate anything that has a high waist because it annoys me, although I know most women prefer a higher waist because they say it is comfortable and stays in place.)

I found the tights did drop a bit during a running session so I simply pulled the draw cord a little tighter. They stay up after that!

There is a good tip for the drawcord. It is one joined length of elasticated cord that does not have two ends to tie. When tying it tighter you should use an easy-release type of knot otherwise the knot is difficult to get out when you want to take off the tights!

I can fit an iPhone 6 Plus in the pocket and that is not a small phone!

The support of the fabric is great. They offer support in all the right (wobbly) places and the tights look flattering.

The magenta colour is a bit different from other tights and brands and I really like it.

The pixie style hem finish is really pretty. It was one of the things that drew me to the tights on the rack because it’s a lovely detail.

Strange place for pockets! I am not quite sure what I would want to carry there.

The reflective details at the front of the lower legs are also very different form other brands. They shine really brightly even in just dim light. I love this feature.

The pockets are great. I usually wear a Flipbelt but the useful pockets on the waistband of the tights does away with the need for this. I can fit an iPhone 6 Plus into the back zipped pocket. The front open-top pocket is useful for tissues or dog poo bags!

Be seen: Bright and dazzling reflective details.

I am not sure about the side pockets. They are located in the bum area where most women will prefer not to add bulk. They are open topped so I would worry that things would pop out as you run because this area is prone to wobbling! I think you could safely add tissues or dog poo bags but I’m not sure about a phone or bank card.

It was a joy to run in the tights. They offer support in all the right places and I think they look great, which makes me feel more confident.

The tights are 7/8ths length and sold n black, as well as magenta.

I didn’t become too sweaty so I think the fabric is nicely breathable yet I also didn’t feel too chilly when I ran on a winter’s night.

I am still not sure that I’d pay £138 for a pair of tights and I can’t tell you if they are long-lasting but I do really like the fit, style and performance of the lululemon Tight Stuff Tight II running tights.

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