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The best longboards and longboard brands of 2017

Written by Fiona

March 10 2017

Find out more about the growing sport of longboarding – and check out some of the latest equipment.

What is longboarding?

Longboarding is like skateboarding, only on longer boards and often sees people riding downhill at high speed. A longboard also has more stability, traction and durability due to larger wheel size and lower wheel durometers.

Longboards are used for a range of activities including long distance riding, competitive downhill racing and perhaps even commuting.

Why choose a longboard?

  • Longboards are for every age and offer fun and fitnes for kids and adults.
  • Most longboarders hang out in groups of like-minded people and it’s a gret way to meet new people and friends.
  • Longboards are lightweight and easy to carry around so they offer a good form of self-propelled transport. Longboarders travel faster than walkers, for example.
  • Longboarding saves you time and money, as well as helping to conserve the environment because they do not cause pollution.
  • It is considered a style statement to capture the art of longboard styles and shapes as it is the most amazing way to express your personality, as well as your adventurous side.

Where to find out more about longboards?

Top three longboards


Atom 41 Drop-Through Longboard.

Quest Super Cruiser 44 Longboard.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill longboard.

Overall ranking of best Longboards gives you the information about the best Longboards in the market to be considered while looking for a longboard. There’s an A to Z detail of the longboards according to the preferences of skating enthusiasts.

Overall dictionary for Longboards gives all the information you require to know about the longboard surfing. It also tells you why you might consider long boarding as a new activity and offers motivation.

Reviews of brands of longboard gives a detailed review of all the longboard brands available in the world and mentions all the pros and cons people could face while owning one of them. It offers a detailed review of each and everything about the brand making it easier for people to choose.

Tabled form of ranking

The website has a review of all the brands in a table form giving an overall comparison between all the brands to make it easier for the customer to select.

Example form.

Help from the professionals

This site offers a component where you can consult a professional skating enthusiast who can help you select your own longboard according to your terms and also provides reviews of brands by the skating enthusiasts.

The other features of include:

A list of the worst longboards; a list of longboards according to usage; a list of brands according to the money quotient.

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