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How to cook the perfect steak outdoors

Written by Fiona

May 18 2017

It’s hard to beat a meal cooked outdoors, using an open fire or a fire pit, and after enjoying a full on day of adventure. While many outdoors fans prefer to rely on staple camping foods, such as pasta and pesto or the ready-made meals that can be purchased from outdoors stores, have you ever thought about cooking steak? Here we reveals how to cook the perfect outdoor steak just like your favourite steak restaurant in London.

Before you go

Sort the essentials

You’ll need more than just a steak for the perfect meal so make sure you pack salt and pepper for seasoning, as well as some vegetables to go with the steak meal.

When it comes to cooking the steak, you will need a grill rack to place it on, tongs to flip it and some fireproof gloves.

Buy your steaks

Choose the biggest and best quality steak you can afford. Bone-in steaks can be a good choice because the bone will act as a heat sink and that helps to add to the flavour of the meat.

Fat marbling is another key component in a flavoursome steak.

If you’re in doubt, ask your local butcher for advice on the best steak to cook over an open fire.

Keep the meat fresh

How you keep your meat fresh will depend on where you plan to set up your fire. If it’s a car to camping type of trip you can keep the steak in a cool box. A campervan with a fridge will offer a great alternative, too.

Or you could enjoy a nearby micro-adventure leaving home with the steak packed in a small cool bag and finding a spot for a fire or a mini barbecue before the steak becomes too warm.

Set up the fire and cook

Build a fire

Here’s a handy guide to consult on how to build a relatively simple fire to sizzle your steak on. An alternative is to use a fire pit or a barbecue.

Once the fire is settled and hot, place the grill rack on top and you’re ready to start cooking.

You should also pay attention is safety and environment advice about camping fires and lighting fires outdoors.

Cook the meat

Season the meat generously with salt and pepper – making sure you don’t do this more than five minutes before cooking the meat because otherwise the salt will suck all the moisture from the steak.

Place the steak on the grill and give it three to four minutes each side (depending on the size and thickness) to achieve a medium-rare steak.

Rest it for a minute or two

Once the steak looks done (you’ll notice by its lovely golden brown colour), leave it to rest for two minutes. This allows the juices to flow and really adds to the flavour.

In the meantime, fry the veg over the fire heat.

Now it’s time to eat

Eating outdoors surrounded by nature and having made the effort to build a fire yourself is a wonderful experience.

After dinner

Clear the site

Open fires should be small and away from any vegetation that might catch fire. You should be sensitive to the environment and make sure you clear everything away afterwards.

Take home all your litter and debris. Leave the site as if you had never been there.

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