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Join in Scottish Badger Week

Written by Fiona

May 15 2017

Find out more about badgers. their habits and habitats during the first ever Scottish Badger Week from May 20 to 28. I wrote about the inaugural event in my Sunday Mail outdoors column. Read the pdf or see the article below.

Scottish Badger Week 2017

What is it? Scottish Badger Week is a new partnership between Scottish Badgers and Scottish Wildlife Trust.

The first event of its kind takes place from May 20 to 28 with the aim of encouraging people get involved in protecting the species.

Tell me more: As Scotland’s largest surviving carnivore, badgers are an intrinsic part of our county’s biodiversity and landscape.

But the iconic species is under threat from persecution, habitat loss and road deaths.

The special badger week calls on people to get involved in the conservation and protection of badgers in a number of ways.

A spokesperson said: “We would like as many people of all ages people to be part of our campaign to look after our badger populations.

“In the first place, they might like to come along to an event taking place as part of Scottish Badger Week.

“They can also join badger groups across the country and volunteer for projects.

“Another way to help is by reporting any badger setts that people spot, or any dead badgers that they see, such as on road-sides.”

Anything else to know?: Scottish Badgers and the Scottish Wildlife Trust are holding a drop-in session at Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserve near Lanark.

You can discover how to help protect badgers on Saturday May 20 from noon to 2pm.

The reserve also hosts regular badger watches, including badger safaris in luxury 4×4 safaris.

The events will take you to within a few metres of an open-air hide set in spectacular oak woodland.

Find out more: You can learn about the events and volunteering opportunities at and

Badger Week volunteers

Ann Innes is one a growing number of volunteers for the Scottish Badgers. She said: “Volunteering with Scottish Badgers has allowed me to learn so much about badgers and Scottish wildlife more widely.

“It has developed skills I never knew I had and has allowed me to really feel like the volunteering I am doing is making a difference to protect and raise awareness of these wonderful animals.

“I now edit the newsletter and help out at various events as well as getting out and about surveying setts and monitoring them.

“And I have made some really great friendships at the same time. I can’t recommend it strongly.”

12 facts about badgers

  1. The Gaelic word for badger is Brochlach, which is linked to the traditional name brock.
  2. There are an estimated 34,000 badgers in Scotland and this totals 10 per cent of the UK population.
  3. Badgers can run at speed of up to 19 mph over short distances.
  4. Male badgers are called boars, while females are sows. The young are called cubs.
  5. The badger is Scotland’s largest surviving native carnivore and the largest native land mammal after the deer.
  6. Badgers are mustelids and distantly related to animals such as otters, stoats and pine martens.
  7. Badgers are perfectly suited to life underground. They have spade-like front paws, low long bodies and an excellent sense of smell.
  8. Badgers live communally in social groups called clans. These are made up of family members and badgers who have moved in from neighbouring territories.
  9. Badgers occupy a wide range of habitats from woodland to moorland, sand dunes to sea cliffs, and mountainous areas to urban embankments.
  10. Badgers are omnivorous. Their main food source is protein-rich earthworms, which they need to consume at a rate of around 200 per night to maintain a healthy weight.
  11. Badgers and their setts are protected by law.
  12. Badgers are under threat from development, due to loss of habitat, connectivity and habitat fragmentation, unlicensed agricultural and forestry operations, badger baiting and road deaths.

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