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Outwell Collaps 2.5l Kettle

Written by Fiona

May 29 2017

Space-saving gadgets always attract me because my campervan has limited cupboard space. What space there is in Fern, the SWB T5 van, has been maximised thanks to a clever conversion by Ali Vernett but still you need to pack in lots of essential items for cooking, sleeping and general living.

So the Outwell Collaps kettle immediately caught my attention. The kettle collapses down into its base. The diameter of the kettle (19cm) never changes but when it is collapsed it is 5.5cm tall, which is about a third of the height of the full-size kettle.

The collapse is possible because the sides are part made of a flexible silicon. You push the top of the kettle firmly downwards and it collapses into itself.

When full size (17.5cm tall) the sides are firm enough for the kettle to stand up on its own.

Outwell Collaps kettle collapses into itself.

The kettle is filled with water by taking off the top cap. This is also made of the flexible silicone material. The same softer material is used on the handle of the kettle.

The kettles also look modern and stylish. The stainless steel bottom contrasts with the brightly coloured silicone.

I have a couple of gripes about the kettle. The first is that you can’t see how much water you have added unless you peer inside the kettle and even then it’s difficult to tell.

Also the pouring spout is small, which means the water doesn’t come out too quickly or easily. This might be a clever design to slow down the water but I find it annoying because you have to tip the kettle quite high to get a good flow.

Collaps kettle in use in Fern the Campervan.

RRP is £44.99. See Outwell. The 1.5l version is £33. I have spotted both kettles at a cheaper price in various stores.

The Outwell Collaps collection also includes cups, colander, chopping board, cheese grater, bowl, washing up bowl etc.

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