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Jo’s surprise 40th birthday trail run

Written by Fiona

June 22 2017

I know Jo and Ryan through Facebook and trail running. They organise a number of trail running focused events including TrailFest. It has been my pleasure to get to know them, first through my work and now as friends.

One of Ryan’s many 40th birthday surprises for Jo was a trail run with friends at Mugdock Country Park. The idea outlined on a secret FB group was for all of us to hide above a bridge on the West Highland Way and wait for Ryan to run along with Jo.

This all went to plan (sort of). Ryan and Jo were a bit behind schedule so our group crouched and fidgeted for a while on the bridge. We were not that well hidden on the small embankment above the main trail and we –well, Beardie! – scared a few people who happened to be walking by. We spotted friends as they ran or mountain biked on the popular north Glasgow route, too.

We also amused ourselves with silly chat and even found an empty bottle of Buckfast under a tree. (Only in Scotland!)

Eventually, when we saw Ryan and Jo running towards us and under the bridge we were able to pull off our surprise. Jo seemed very pleased with the change of plan, from a run with her partner to a run with a group of pals.

The evening weather was perfect and we enjoyed a lovely run around Mugdock. The mood was upbeat and friendly and I enjoyed catching up with people I already knew and meeting new folks.

Wispa the Wonder Whippet seemed a bit bemused by the group run but she quickly made friends.

The run ended at Finsbay, a bar and restaurant in Milngavie.

Here is a photo montage video of the run:

Slideshow Video

This is exactly the sort of thing that summer evenings are made for.

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