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Ground-breaking project to create maps for trail runners

Written by Fiona

September 16 2017

TrailFest and Harvey Maps have launched a new project that will create a series of maps optimised for trail runners.

The Maps For Trailrunners Project will work with a group of trail runners to test current maps and suitability.

Over a number of months, the team of running recruits will identify the specific elements of a map needed by trail runners, which will then lead to the creation of a new series of Harvey maps.

The new maps will be the most trail runner-friendly maps on the UK market.

Ryan Scott, co-founder of TrailFest, explained the background to the partnership with Harvey Maps. He said: “Currently, the majority of off-the-shelf maps are aimed at walkers, but because runners move over the terrain at a quicker pace, they require maps that are easier to interpret while on the move.

“The new maps will still contain all the information required for efficient route selection, which makes them just as safe as current maps, but with some extra useful detailing.”

TrailFest recruit map makers

TrailFest will be recruiting a team of 10 Map Makers to be part of the project and it is expected that the first prototype will be tested in early 2018.

The project can be followed on social media with the hashtag #MapsForTrailrunners.

Ryan said: “This is a really exciting and innovative project to be involved with. Runners often have two choices when it comes to mapping: The classic paper-based map or a watch-based map. Personally, I’ve never enjoyed either.

“Conventional maps are too big and heavy for travelling fast and light and a watch-based map restricts the information I can access quickly.”

Sue Harvey, co-founder of Harvey Maps, added: “Harvey Maps broke new ground with the introduction of the small, light and waterproof Ultramaps.

“The Maps For Trailrunners Project in conjunction with TrailFest demonstrates our commitment to producing innovative products in the mapping industry.”

If you are a runner who would like to find out more see the Maps For Trailrunners Project.

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