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Have you tried?: New ZUU fitness movement

Written by Fiona

September 22 2017

ZUU is high intensity interval training (HIT) based on primal movements, such as pushing, pulling, crawling, bending, twisting, squatting and lunging.

Each session lasts around 20 minutes and benefits include increased mobility, agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

I wrote about ZUU in my Sunday Mail outdoors column.

Tell me more: ZUU was created by Australian fitness expert Nathan Helberg, who describes himself a “human movement educator”.

The HIT workouts were initially used by elite athletes and the armed forces in for pre-season training, conditioning and rehabilitation.

ZUU was found to be a useful tool for remote location training, where gym equipment is unavailable.

From there, the workout entered the commercial fitness industry, firstly exclusive to Virgin Active gyms and now it is available to the wider pubic.

Pack Animal Fitness is one of the first independent companies to offer ZUU classes in Scotland. ZUU takes place outdoors at Glasgow Green.

The fitness class is also making its way into British schools to improve children’s health.

Anything else to know?: ZUU is a combined strength and energy class that claims to burn around 300 calories in 20 minutes.

It can help to prevent injury, increase mobility and flexibility, improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen muscles and joints.

As well as being an exercise session, ZUU has an inclusive culture where participants are encouraged to motivate each other.

David Grant is head trainer at Pack Animal Fitness. He said: “ZUU is bodyweight training at its best – and it can be done anywhere by anyone.

“ZUU is meant to be fun and full-on and gives a great all-body workout.

“The exercises are based around animal movements and the classes get participants moving in ways that daily life neglects.

“ZUU is particularly good for tackling tight hips, back, weak wrists and stiff shoulders.”

Who is this for?: ZUU is open to all. David said: “The ZUU moves can be regressed or progressed to suit the individual so that there is an entry point for everyone no matter your fitness capabilities.

“We have a wide variety of ages at our classes from teenagers to people in their seventies.

“It’s also great for children so parents can bring youngsters along to a session if they want.”

Where can I try ZUU?: Pack Animal Fitness offer classes six days a week, from early morning to late.

The sessions take place at Glasgow Green, just outside the Templeton Building.

How much does it cost? £7.50 for a drop-in session or there is a discounted price when buying a block of classes online.

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