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5 sports for a competitive mind

Written by Fiona

October 09 2017

There’s nothing wrong with being a competitive person. Your mind and body require a little opposition to stay strong and healthy. One way to channel your inner desire to win is to play sports. Don’t worry if you’ve never played before because you can learn and improve your skills.

Sports are a healthy outlet for releasing energy and allow you to get a decent amount of exercise during practice and games. If you haven’t found a game or activity that makes you feel passionate and driven, it may be time to look at playing competitive sports.

Football is the perfect sport for leaving it all out on the field. It’s a great way to meet people and socialise with other players. You’re part of a team and you can use your talents to help the team score and win the game. There’s lots of running involved so you can’t help but get in shape and burn a lot of energy. Since it’s difficult to score, it’s exciting when the ball finally goes in the net.

Running is an attractive sport for those who like to compete individually. While there are team races and competitions, it’s mainly a sport for improving yourself. Running races is an adrenaline rush and will have you working hard to beat the other runners. Your mood will lift and your sleep is likely to improve from all the exercise.

Stunt scootering allows you to show off your individual skills in competitions. It’s important you gain the skills necessary to make the moves, but having the right equipment is what’s going to help you achieve success. For example, District Scooters and their parts range are some of the most iconic original stunt scooter parts out there. As one of the pioneers of the sport, they’ve launched some creative designs and brought very lightweight bars and parts to the market, which you can view at

Basketball is another team sport that is great for cardio fitness as you make your way from one end to the other. It’s also a skilled sport and fast-paced. There’s no denying the competitive nature of a great game of basketball.

Show jumping is another great spirt for the competitive minded.  Learn how to trot, canter and gallop, and once your skills improve, consider learning the art of show jumping. Horse riding is ideal for those who enjoy solo sports, as you can compete in dressage, show jumping and cross country. If you’re more into team sports, then consider polo. Riding outside can be extremely beneficial to your mental health, as well as great for your physical health.

If you’re someone who has a passion for winning, then these sports are for you. You won’t be disappointed in what they have to offer if you decide to participate in any of them. These are five sports for the competitive minded.

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