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New product: Adventure Tape

Written by Fiona

October 12 2017

An intriguing tin of tape landed on my desk recently. The medium sized Adventure Tape is black, 18mm wide and stretchy. It is also shiny and a bit tacky, which makes it grippy.

I wondered what on earth it could do and why it might be better than that other useful tape many people take with them into the great outdoors, duct tape.

So I took at look at the Adventure tape video:

This explains why it might well be a very useful item to take with me when walking, cycling, camping, skiing or doing any number of outdoor activities. It also looks like something I should pack when travelling.

In particular, I can see that I would find it useful when packing my bike into a bike bag, for tying my hair back when my hairband breaks (I am wearing it now!), for tying things down to stop them  moving about in the campervan, for tying loose cables on to my bike frame, for keeping a broken gaiter in the right place under my boot. In fact, the more I thought, the more uses I came up with.

Adventure Tape (medium) in the tin.

It’s a strange kind of tape. It is shiny and smooth, yet also very stretchy and strong. It can be tied together to form a loop or wrapped tightly around things. There are other widths, too. Thin is 9mm and Thick is 43mm.

I also found that if you do not have scissors or a knife to hand you can easily tear a length of the tape off if you make a small cut at the edge with your teeth!

Shiny, stretchy and grippy.

For a tin of something that seemed rather “nothing” it is actually a really clever idea.

The founders of Adventure Tape are a group of outdoorsy guys and they have launched a Kickstarter programme that is going well. Why not give them a wee helping hand? Or simply take a look at the product at, Adventure Tape.

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