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Kit review: Freshback detergent for sports clothes

Written by Fiona

November 08 2017

To test a new laundry product called Freshback I waited until I had a t-shirt that was properly smelly. This didn’t take much. I simply wore it for several sports sessions in a row and including a spin class. (I must apologise to my neighbours at that class because my t-shirt really did pong of sweat!)

Everyone has sports tops like this. They are the polyester type that end up very whiffy under the armpits.

I then washed my very whiffy t-shirt with the new detergent, Freshback. There is a system for using the product.

Step 1:

Do not use any other detergent, fabric softener, or bleach while using Freshback.

Load the washing machine with a medium load of clothes. Add the contents of the Freshback Premium Detergent Packet into the detergent dispenser drawer.

Wash on regular cycle, and then rinse again.

Step 2:

Leaving clothes in the machine, open the Freshener Packet and empty the contents into the detergent dispenser drawer.

Also place the UNOPENED Bonder Packet inside the machine with the clothes.

Wash on a regular cycle with cold water.

Once the machine has finished, remove and discard the empty Bonder packet.

You can dry clothes in a tumble dryer or by hanging up.

Freshback: The claims

Maaterra Biotechnology Ltd is a new company that owns the Intellectual Property for the first and only molecular bonding process. This process can bond myriad molecules to all kind of fabrics.

Maaterra’s first series of products is labelled as Freshback. This is a deep-fibre fusion treatment that works with your sports clothes to keep them odour free even after multiple wears and washes.

It’s stated that: “Freshback will revolutionise laundry cleanliness by providing long-lasting odour blocking treatment for all clothes and linens.

“Freshback products decrease the need to wash clothes and linens by treating them with an imperceptible, permanent, odour-blocking molecule.”

It’s claimed that one wash with Freshback puts an end to bad odours for up to a year or 25 washes.

On test: Freshback

I wasn’t to sure about the washing system, as it seemed quite labour intensive and also a bit wasteful of energy because the clothes are washed twice. But I figured that if there was less whiff in the long run this would mean I would not need to wash the cloths as frequently not on high temperatures.

The clothes smelt odd after the first step but really fresh and nice after step 2.

The test would come in the duration of non-whiffy armpits. For the purposes of testing I wore the t-shirt a lot and in hot and sweaty conditions. This included a variety of sports, session after session, and a hot and sweaty trip to the Grand Canyon.

I sniffed the armpits of the t-shirt on many occasions and sometimes with caution. But amazingly the whiff has never been anywhere near as strong as prior to the Freshback wash.

I have since washed the t-shirt a few times in normal detergent and the same thing happens. The body odour smell has not returned.

This was a t-shirt that was easily prone to being smelly before the Freshback and now seems quite rejuvenated.

The claim is that the treatment deals with the bacteria that creates the sweaty odour. The treatment apparently stops the bacteria coming back for up to 25 washes.

It seems a bit strange that you can wear an item of clothing numerous times before washing it again. It’s true that the odour is not as strong as normal and I have found I can wear the top for about three sports sessions before it gets a bit whiffy and needs to be washed.

But I often was items not just because they smell, but because they are dirty or mucky. Perhaps I have become too eager to put items in the washing machine and this product has made me revise the need to wash sports clothing quite as often.

It seems like a clever idea and one that could be a good solution to energy wasting over-use of washing machines.

One pack is €14.99 but cheaper if you buy multiple packs at once. This will wash one load of washing.

See Freshback

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