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How to throw a rustic-themed wedding

Written by Fiona

January 31 2018

If you and your other half love all things outdoors, there’s no better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than throwing a rustic big day. Perhaps you got engaged on your favourite hike, or you love spending time together in the wilderness. Below are four key points to think about when organising a rustic-themed wedding.

Location, location

One of the very first things you need to decide when planning your big day is where you’re going to host it. Are you planning a separate ceremony first or do you want a venue where you can do everything – the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and the reception?

You can browse UK Wedding Savings online and find the perfect venue for any budget, wherever you are in the country. You could opt for something a bit different and choose to get married in a rustic barn, or even in a woodland setting.

You should keep in mind that any outdoors ceremony needs to take place in a structure, such as a gazebo or a pavilion, and it will need a special licence. Of course, you should also prepare your guests and registrar that your ceremony will be outside and have a cover, like a gazebo and umbrellas, on hand.

The dress

When planning your big day, your dress is sure to be top of the list. If you have your venue location set in stone, your dress choice should take into account if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. If you’ve chosen an outside venue, it’s important to keep in mind that if your long dress is running across the ground, it will get dirty.

One way you can combat this is to attach a loop and button to your gown, which allows you to pick up your train and loop it to your wrist. It’s the perfect solution to help keep the white gown off the muddy floor, and will come in handy on the dance floor.

Rustic dress trends seem to follow the boho-vibe. Think lace, and rather than white, an off-white such as cream or even a pastel pink.


Decorations can make or break a wedding day. Whether you want to thoroughly keep up with your rustic-theme or merely hint at it, your decorations can set the tone. You can choose to decorate your venue with simple adornments, such as wooden carved place names for the top table, and your very own wooden signpost to your venue and reception.

Rustic-themed decorations have a homemade charm to them, and you can find a variety, each lovingly created by individual vendors, rather than bulk-buying. You can add some outdoors chic to your reception by decorating the venue with lantern holders filled with scented pillar candles, as well as tree centrepieces surrounded by petals and fairy lights.

The cake

Your wedding cake is made to be a show-stopper and a focal point of your wedding reception, but why not go against the traditional large three-tiered cake and choose the hottest trend for 2018 – a naked wedding cake instead? Not only are these stylish and chic, but you can experiment with floral decorations and botanical flavours. Naked wedding cakes can also forego sponge cake altogether and be created from fresh fruit for those who want a more natural approach to their cake.


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