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The pros and cons of prepping for a trip on the wild side

Written by Fiona

January 30 2018

Preparing for a trip into the wilds is an exciting experience but it is also vital if you are to avoid unexpected surprises.  There are those that believe a lot of prepping is important and those that believe less makes for a better trip. Here we sum up the pros and cons of prepping.

To try and remain somewhat positive, we’ll give the pros a look and then briefly touch on the cons. For some more information on prepping, you can visit learn more about prepping.

Pros of prepping

1. You will have peace of mind and not have to worry about things like feeding you or your friends/ family or basic needs in the event of an unexpected surprise.

2. You will learn how to do things like cook from scratch, purify water and even how to hunt when there aren’t any stores to get food from.

3. You won’t have to worry about finding food because of a disaster or serious weather issues.

4. The rest of your family or group will be confident that you can take care of them, be less likely to panic and know that things will be fine.

5. You will save money as buying most things is usually significantly less expensive in large quantities, which will also give you extra supplies to be able to feed guests who show up without prior warning.

6. These prepping and practice skills will help your family or group to become closer since you will be practicing skills together.

7. Learning to cook at home will help you to save money and eat healthier as you will not be eating out at restaurants or eating TV dinners all of the time.

8. You will be teaching others how to prepare for anything by stocking up on supplies as well as teaching them skills like food preservation which are becoming increasingly rare today.

Cons of Prepping

However, like anything, there are always going to be a few drawbacks to prepping. Though these are minor ones, in comparison.

1. Some people will think that you are strange. Prepping is not very common and partaking in this will probably make a number of people decide that you are “weird” for doing something like this.

2. It takes time to organise and prepare appropriately and this is time you can’t spend doing things like playing video games, watching football or reading, which some may find to be an unacceptable trade-off.

Prepping is a valuable skill and one that almost anyone can find value in learning. It can help in a wide variety of circumstances and there are far more pros than cons. The cons can also, as a whole, be somewhat negated. You don’t have to tell people that you are doing it which removes the issue of people finding it weird and you can always reorganise your daily schedule to make time for prepping and still be able to do your daily activities. So, there really are no cons that can be said to actually matter. Go for it! Start prepping today.

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