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Tips for healthy travel

Written by Fiona

February 21 2018

If you’re into your fitness then holidays abroad are a brilliant opportunity to take your passion even further, whether it’s hitting the biggest ski slopes or cycling under the sun in one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. And with everyone planning their 2018 holidays, a little bit of advice to keep you healthy while on holiday is well timed. Your Legal Friend have inspired this guide to keep you fighting fit and healthy this year, so just how do you look after yourselves on an adventure holiday?

Pack right

Choose an easy-to-transport suitcase, such as one on wheels, and check the airline allowance before you start to pack. Whatever activity you’re planning on, make a comprehensive list of all the right gear. Think about changeable weather conditions and make sure you didn’t skimp on the right gear. This tends to be a big issue for trips for skiing and snowboarding holidays, or to destinations where the weather can be hit-or-miss.

Train for your sports holiday, such as cross country skiing.

Train for the sport

Practising for your holiday activity can mean you avoid injury and enjoy it all the more because of the right fitness levels.  If you decide to cycle through the Alps in the summer, train on a hilly route at home. If you’re going skiing in the Alps, get in some time on the dry ski slopes at home and challenge your skills before hitting the powder. Practice and conditioning avoid injuries.

Eat sensibly

You’re on holiday, so who cares about what you eat? However, just as you wouldn’t eat a three-course meal then swim five miles at home, and nor would you eat nothing but chocolate and drink alcohol before your average 30-mile bike ride, then why start on holiday? Food is what gives you the energy to push a bit harder, so be kind to yourself.

Make sure you trust the food at your holiday, too. Ensure that the buffet is always piping hot and any cold food is properly cold to avoid food poisoning.

You will enjoy your holiday more if you plan ahead.

Plan ahead

It can be thrilling to grab your trainers and go for a run wherever your feet take you, or hop on your bike and cycle into the sunset, but making a plan, even a very basic one, can keep you safe. Letting a friend or loved one know where you’re headed and when you’ll be back could save your life if something happened while you were adventuring.

You can even inform the front desk of your hotel, ensuring that a group of you is safe if you’re off on a particularly long or challenging trek or cross-country. Planning takes five or 10 minutes so build it into your holiday routine.

Do you have any tips for a fit and healthy holiday? Where are you favourite adventure spots?

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