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How to start running – and keep on running

Written by Fiona

April 16 2018

Many people are keen to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and running is an activity that appeals. Running is a simple, yet very effective, exercise but finding to the motivation to run and then to keep on running can be hard. As well as running, it’s a good idea to take a look at your diet, too. You can also try taking new supplements, like those offered on Reviewy, to make sure you are getting the vitamins and supplements to help with a new active lifestyle.

Get off the couch

This is, by far, the hardest part when you decide you want to start a new exercise plan. It’s a good idea to think about one reason as to why you want to change your lifestyle. Maybe you want a new summer body, or your are just trying to better yourself, try to focus on the reason why you want to run. Some easy motivators might include:

  • Find a running buddy: Run with a friend that already runs. You can share the exercise and the chat as you run.
  • Retail therapy: But new clothes and feel great about wearing them for your new exercise plan. ,
  • Listen to your favourite music: Music can pump you up for any type of workout.

Find apps to help you

In today’s age of technology, there are great apps available to help you start running. They might include:

Couch to 5k

This app helps to break down your runs into something much more manageable. The app plan lasts for 9 weeks, with three workouts per week, but if you need, you can repeat workouts. If you’re brand new to running, you can do the first workout during week one, go up to two workouts during week two, and then truly start the plan during week three.

This app also helps you break down your run into parts. No one expects you to jump off of your couch and be able to run 3.1 miles. The first few workouts in this app have you running for short intervals while walking to help you build the proper muscles and stamina needed to do an entire 5k run.

Zombies, Run!

Get bored easily? This immersive app puts you as the main character of a zombie apocalypse! Put in your headphones, and the narrator will have you running to collect supplies, completing missions, and get away from impending doom. This is an easy motivator for anyone that wants to start their new adventures into running.


This is one of the most popular running apps. It helps keep track of your run to give you immediate results of your workout. This app tracks distance, speed, calories burned, and even tracks your route, so you always know how to get home. Working in conjunction with the apps website, you can even post your results onto social media to easily share your successes with friends and family.

Find small ways to reward yourself

As most people are very rewards based, this step can help turn a new running plan into a hobby, and eventually a lifestyle. Rewards do not have to be big, but choose something small enough to remind yourself why you started, and how great your progress has been.

Finished your first week of running? Give yourself an extra hour of Netflix this weekend. Finished your first month? Buy yourself a new workout outfit. Why not buy running shoes featured on this page, or any of these models designed to be great for outdoor adventures?

Once you’ve built up your routine, you can book your first race. Just finishing the race and getting that medal around your neck will give you real proof of how far you’ve come. Finding those small ways to make you feel great about the progress you’ve made will help you fall in love with running and keep you running for your entire life.

Overall, running can be scary, and it can be a difficult task to start a new exercise plan. Finding ways to motivate you, will be essential in getting you started on your new running journey. Working out with an app can also get you more into a running mindset and will help you get immediate feedback of how well you are running.

Lastly, remember to reward yourself for your new progress. These rewards will help you remember why you started running and will keep encouraging you to run in the future. The first step will always be the hardest, but following these few tricks will turn you into a runner in no time.

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