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One night only: Skid Row Marathon in UK cinemas

Written by Fiona

May 09 2018

The truly inspirational film, Skid Row Marathon, will screening in more than 100 UK Cinemas tonight (May 9). The movie tells the heartwarming story of an unlikely group of people from Skid Row in Los Angeles. Skid Row is an area well known for being impoverished and forgotten by society.

The documentary focuses on the story of Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell over four years as he coaches a long-distance running club from the Midnight Mission on Skid Row.

The runners come from all walks of life, including drug addicts, recovering alcoholics, and former prisoners. Each runners has a story to tell about how their life went wrong before they turned it around thanks to the running group.

See film trailer:

The marathon training raises the spirits of Skid Row’s inhabitants and gives them a sense of purpose and a new lease of life. The goal for club members is to stay off the drugs and out of prison and the Judge will take them around the world to run marathons.

Above all, it’s a moving story about second chances and overcoming obstacles.

The film has won 13 awards from 10 different US film festivals during the 2017-2018 season and critical acclaim in the US press.

For one night only Skid Row Marathon,  distributed by CinEvents, will show tonight at 100 selected multiplex and independent cinemas nationwide. The film is released in association with The Big Issue, Runners World, The Running Charity and Marathon Talk.

To find out where Skid Row Marathon is showing see tickets.

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