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Review: SKINS DNAmic women’s Superpose shorts

Written by Fiona

June 25 2018

Most people will be familiar with SKINS compression tights. I have written about these products before. A new collection from SKINS this summer includes SKINS DNAmic women’s Superpose shorts.

I have been testing the shorts, as well as SKINS Essentials Unisex Calf Tights and SKINS Activewear ODOT tank top.

SKINS DNAmic Superpose shorts

On test: SKINS DNAmic women’s Superpose shorts

Features include:

Dynamic Gradient Compression: SKINS most advanced compression technology that is claimed to increase muscle oxygenation, stabilise active muscles and reduce blood lactate build up, to enhance performance and speed up recovery time.
  • Undershorts made of Dynamic Gradient Compression fabric.
  • Looser over-short to create a “hybrid” pair of shorts.
  • Small key pocket at inside rear.
  • £60.
  • See SKINS Superpose shorts.
  • Note: There is a three-quarter length tight,with over-shorts, that some women might like.
  • Note: There are men’s versions of the Superpose.

So, I wasn’t sure about the shorts because I like a longer length of short. I didn’t use to be so fussy but these days I prefer the support of a longer, tighter under short and then a looser fit skirt or shorts over the top.

The compression shorts section (the DNAmic part of the shorts) was not as short as others I have come across but it still didn’t satisfy my want for a short that reaches closer to the knee.

Still, the shorts felt fine on and I thought I would take them for a test run anyway. And I was pleasantly surprised. I expected the shorts to ride up my leg and create an annoying knickers style garment as I ran. But they staying place.

They didn’t move anywhere and I felt reasonable supported in the bottom and thigh area. This I like.

The over-shorts are a bit flappy.This could be because I was wearing a medium size rather than a small or simply that this is the style. Anyway, they looked pretty trendy and so I am guessing it is the style.

In the wind the shorts flared out quite a lot but the advantage of this is they offered lots of air circulation!

The colour and design are both funky. The undershorts are called “exotica” and look a lot like a snakeskin pattern in different shades of pinks, while the outer shorts are a solid dark plummy pink with a bit of shine to the fabric. All in all, they are probably the most fashionable shorts that I own.

The shorts and vest are a lot trendier/ fashionable looking than I would normally choose to wear. I am a bit boring with my running kit, I guess, but I do like the funky look of the shorts and vest.

The small inner pocket is a bit pointless because it is not large enough or secure enough for a modern car key. Either include a bigger zipped pocket or don’t bother, although I would really prefer a zipped pocket in the waistband.

SKINS Essentials compression calf tights.

Matching SKINS Essentials Unisex calf tights

SKINS state: “Calf Tights MX merge our best compression tech with durable high-tech fabrics, supporting and stabilising the lower leg to boost performance and reduce the risk of injury.”

The calf tights match the shorts, which I am okay about but not overly bothered about too. Do you need your calf supports to match your shorts? I don’t think so, but some women might like to. To be honest, I felt a bit Jane Fonda!

Anyway, the calf supports do what they say they will. They offer localised compression in an area where many people suffer muscle pulls and tears.I am not a frequent user of calf supports but the SKINS were the right length and size and gave what felt like good support.

Buy the ODAT tank top for running in a range of colours.

SKINS Activewear ODOT tank top

  • Quick-dry fabric with a soft-touch cotton feel for casual comfort
  • Ventilation mesh to keep you cool
  • Loose-fit
  • Also currently half price.

The look and fabric is, again, far trendier than I usually wear. The fabric felt light and soft again the skin and although peachy pink is not a colour I would normally choose it went well with the shorts. Again, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be all matching while out for a run but I know there will be runners who like matching outfits.

I have worn the top a lot more than the shorts, especially because it’s light and floaty and very easy to wear on hot days.

See SKINS for details.

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