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How to keep campers coming back to your campsite

Written by Fiona

July 31 2018

Camping is an increasingly popular holiday activity, especially as the staycation grows. But with so many campsites to choose from, how do campground owners attract campers?How can you keep people coming back to your sit, rather than choosing another?

Proper Management Tools

Special campground management software is available for campground owners to use. This software helps keep track of reservations so there are no double bookings for the same site and angry campers because of it. With a reservation system in place, campsite managers and employees granted access can use their mobile phones to check on data. Camping inventory, fees, promotional discounts and more can also be monitored using this system.

Marketing Techniques

Marketing a business is important to draw in additional customers. Sure, you may have the same campers coming back year after year because they’ve tried your campground and enjoyed it, but that doesn’t bring in new people and additional revenue.

Social media marketing is one of the best options for today’s time. Facebook allows users to ask for recommendations on their personal pages and even online yard sale sites or groups. Join these sites and groups and have employees or friends recommend your campground.

Create a page that showcases photos of all your location has to offer. Respond to customers whether they’ve left good or bad feedback. Put your name out there in a positive light so others are interested in learning more about your campground and want to give it a try.

Location, location

The location of your campsite is highly important. If you’re a business person just looking to start a camping site, then considering the location is key. It will be far more attractive to customers if the campsite is located near some local sights, the sea,a loch or lake or simply in an area of great natural beauty, such as  a national park.

Maintaining the grounds

The grounds should be well-kept and looking nice when people arrive. If the grass is left long, there is rubbish lying around or the toilets are less than perfectly clean, campers are not going to want to return. Maintaining the grounds is an important part of managing a campground to ensure people want to come back.

Free activities and things to do

Guests don’t just want to sit around at their campsite the entire stay. A picnic table and fire pit is a great extra, and playgrounds are always popular with families. Some campsites have shops, cafes, restaurants and even hot tubs to entertain campers.

You could make it easier for people to know where to go and what to see in the area with leaflets and information areas. A campsite that is helpful and informative is one that people will be far more likely to return to.

Managing a campsite is no easy feat. With hundreds if not thousands of campers making their way through the sites each season, there is a lot to handle. Routine maintenance of the grounds, proper reservation and more are necessary to ensure the campground runs smoothly and all campers are kept happy and wanting to return in the future.

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