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How to Stay Safe When Exercising Outdoors

Written by Fiona

October 10 2018

Exercising outdoors is a great way to stay fit and enjoy your leisure time. Whether you run, bike, ride a horse, or walk it doesn’t matter because the benefits are huge,including the beauty of nature and, of course, the fresh air. That said, you also need to be more careful with your personal safety when you are exercising outside, as opposed to exercising in a class or gym.

Follow this guide to stayer safer while exercising outdoors.

Wear The Appropriate Gear

The first step to exercising outside is always to wear the appropriate gear. For example, running shoes and a reflective vest for runners who tend to exercise near roads. Cyclists will be protected by a helmet and bright clothing will alert other road users to their presence. A body vest, helmet, and reflectors for horseback riders are a necessity to stay safe.

Stay Cool to Stay Healthy

When it’s warm you want to maintain hydration levels and protect yourself from direct sunshine.  Drink plenty of water and wear a sun-hat while exercising. To avoid heat stroke and any associated symptoms, exercise when it is cooler such as early mornings or evenings in hotter climates.

Exercise with Other People

If you plan to exercise at night or in a place that you do not know, it is always safer to have company.

Have Routines and Safety Measures

Make sure someone knows where you are when you go out for a run, bike ride, walk or on horseback.Tell them your approximate route and the time you should be expected to return.  Then, if there worst happens someone will know to search for you. If you are heading to the mountains make sure you have signed up to an emergency rescue programme in case of an accident.

What to Do If You Get Hurt

In the absolute worse case scenario, and your accident causes a serious injury or fatality, then your routine will at the very least allow your loved ones to learn what happened to you. They can then launch an inquiry into your accident, and even hire a fatal accidents solicitor to help them get the compensation they need to grieve in peace.

Exercising outdoors is fun and healthy, but only if you remember to follow this guideline on how to stay safe. That way, even if the worst were to happen, help will come to you quickly.

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