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Review: Maaree Solidarity Sports Bra

Written by Fiona

October 27 2018

A new sports bra brand, Maaree, has launched with two sports bras, as well as a range of other apparel.  I asked Ellen to test the Maaree Solidarity Sports Bra.

First though, a bit of background.

The founding of Maaree

Maaree is the brainchild of Mari Thomas, who describes herself as “well-busted” and sporty.

Having tried many sports bras for her 34DD chest, she realised there was a gap in the market for a product that really worked.

She said: “I come from a sports product testing background and I have tested a number of sports bras from top sports brands worldwide.

“However, many products fell short of what I was looking for and needed. I hate the thought that there are women out there who are deterred from doing exercise because of their bras, so I’ve decided to take it upon myself to help solve this problem.”

Maaree Sports bra have what Mari describes as a “radical new design compared to the traditional”.
She adds: “The bras support in a way no other bra has done before.
“Additionally, the inspiration behind the design of the whole collection is strong female warriors to complement and emphasise the powerful figures that we are.”
Maaree is also  collaborating with the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! for their first collection.

On test: Maaree Solidarity Sports Bra

The Solidarity sports bra is aimed at larger chested women who are looking for support for high-impact exercise. The bra features a world-first adjustable Overband® for a tailored fit and support. I asked Ellen  to try a 36F Maaree Solidarity Sports bra for size, comfort and bounce control.

Features include:

  • Adjustable Overband®
  • Two-way shoulder straps
  • Wide-set underband
  • Padded and curved shoulder straps
  • “Soft and powerful” fabric
  • Fabric that is wicking, fast-drying and breathable
  • “Strategically placed” mesh panels for sweat management
  • Two colourways
  • £59 (with free returns).
  • Offer of Free Delivery for all pre-orders at the moment.
  • The website is

Ellen writes: First, I like the website and the language it uses about empowerment and female warriors. I also think the sizing guide is good.

The bra uses something the designer invented, called Overband technology. Basically, this stops your gals from going up, as well as down. Apparently, this is often overlooked by the mainstream bra manufacturers who are more concerned with keeping them up, rather than down.

Any improvement in the world of sports bras – sports gear for bigger women in general, actually – is very welcome as far as I’m concerned. I have long struggled to find supportive kit that fits well.

I’m 51 and could certainly do with losing a stone or so. However, despite sportswear manufacturers’ best efforts, I don’t let this put me off going running, walking and doing various other sports.

My current solution is to wear two bras at once. This is annoying and occasionally uncomfortable but at least things stay put. I was excited to hear about a new kid on the block.

The bra has adjustments on the side, which are for the overband, as well as a hook to bring the shoulder straps together to create a racer back.

Putting it on, I was slightly disappointed to see that the promised pleasing silhouette was, in fact, another variant of the monoboob.

The bra felt slightly loose towards the armpits until I clipped the straps together to create a racer back. Initially I didn’t think I’d bother as it looked like this would require a bit of contortionism to reach. However, because the clip system is lovely and solid, it’s easy to do… and what a difference.

Wearing the bra with the straps clipped together improved everything. The pressure is lifted from the shoulders where it can be really uncomfortable for those of us with bigger bosoms. The overband part of the bra fitted properly and seemed to make much more sense. A few experimental hops and I dared risk a run with only one bra.

It certainly does what it promises, nothing moves and yet it doesn’t pinch and breathing is still possible. This is excellent news.

I had concerns that the monoboob squished things together, which can be sweaty and uncomfortable. It was OK, but, as it’s October and I live in Scotland, I can’t comment on how it feels when the temperature rises.

The price is £59 which is quite a lot and, for that price, I’d need to be sure it was going to cope with repeated washings.

Maaree sports bras (there is a medium impact version, too) are available for order now and will be sent out next month. See Maaree.

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