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Essential products for eating outdoors

Written by Fiona

November 27 2018

It’s hard to beat the simple pleasures of a meal enjoyed outdoors, especially in the summer months. From picnic lunches, to barbecues and garden parties, the fresh air and sense of adventure only adds to the enjoyment of the food.

To make the most of outdoors dining there are a few products that will make the process easier and, in some cases, safer.

Top items for outdoor dining


A BBQ, or to give it it’s Sunday name, a barbecue, is the key product when planning an outdoors meal or party. There are many styles to choose from, including one-use disposable barbecue that are best suited to spontaneous picnics or camping trips; charcoal barbecues for meals at home; electric smokers for smoking delicious food and larger style gas barbecues that make it easier to cook for bigger groups.

Outdoor fridge

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in your garden, an outdoor fridge will come in very handy. It’s also a way to make sure that foods that should be kept chilled remain at the right temperature before cooking.

An outdoor fridge is a great place to chill drinks, too, and in winter it offers extra space at party times such as Christmas.

There are a variety of outdoors fridge sizes and capacities to choose from.

Outdoor crockery and utensils

For some reason, crockery has a habit of being dropped and broken when you are partying or eating outdoors. Sometimes it’s due to the wind knocking things over, or an unsteady table or chair. If you choose crockery that is made of plastic it has a greater chance of staying in one piece.

There are plenty of choices of plastic plates, bowls, cups and glasses and in many different designs. Also remember to buy outdoor cutlery and items for moving food around on the barbecue.

Outdoors chairs and tables

You might want to have camping chairs and tables that are easier to pack away in a shed or in a campervan, or you could choose to go for a full set of garden furniture that says out all yea round.

Again is will be a question of budget and also what you have planned for your summer of outdoors dining.

Outdoors fun and games

Keep the kids – and adults entertained – with a game or two. Games such as Connect 4, giant Jenga and Swingball can offer amusement when you have tired of eating and chatting. Or how about enjoying an outdoors adventure before you eat your meal alfresco?

Take a look at this honest review of Bull outdoor fridge.

Now you are set for a great season of outdoors eating.

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