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Guide to On Running Shoes

Written by Fiona

November 27 2018

I have been testing a range of On Running shoes and I am enjoying what I try. But there are lots of diferent versions and it can seem a bit confusing as to which pair, or pairs, are for you. Added to that, On has a new version of Cloudventure about to hit the shelves so I thought I’d do a round-up of the different types of On Running shoes – and what/who they are aimed at.

What is On Running?

The Swiss company On Running dates back around 10 years. The founders wanted to do something different in the running shoes market. They created CloudTec® technology, which is engineered to “deliver a soft landing followed by an explosive take-off”.

You’ll have spotted the shoes because they have the cloud style soles.

The shoes offer great cushioning and a variety of different uppers to give support and lightweight running, depending on what you are looking for. The Cloud shoes are also brilliant for walking.

On Running Cloud shoe

The updated CloudTec sole gives you a smooth ride for runners (and walkers). This version has increased grip pads and an updated central channel in the sole.

Quick look: Lightweight, urban running

Heel-toe drop: 6mmm

Weight: 230g (US 8.5)

Plus: There is a waterproof version.

£115. See Cloud shoe

On Running Cloud X

Claimed to be the world’s lightest fully-cushioned shoe, the Cloud X is a great choice for runners who actively mix their workouts.

I love these shoes. I have been wearing them for road running, pavement walking and going to a circuits class. They are light and really easy to wear. The cushioning is great for such a light weight sports shoe.

Quick look: Lightweight, cushioned, mixed activity.

Heel-toe drop: 6mm

Weight: 229g  (US M 8.5)

£125. See Cloud X

On Running Cloudsurfer


Comfort meets speed in  “the ultimate ride” for running on the road. This shoe is for runners who enjoy the signature cushioning of CloudTec® and prefer to up the pace a bit.

Again, I have been testing these On Running shoes and I like the feel of them. There is a lot of cushioning but without the shoe being overly structured.

I hate heavy and stiff shoes and these really are not. I don;t do a lot of pavement running but when I do I choose these or the lighter Cloud X On Running shoe.

Quick look: Lightweight, easy to wear, faster.

Heel-toe drop: 6mm

Weight: 330g  (US M 8.5)

£100. See Cloudsurfer

On Running Cloud flow

Lightweight and very responsive this is a shoe has 18 “Clouds” to “independently cushion and propel your every step towards runner’s high”.

Quick look: Only 330g for a medium size, easy-to-wear, precision Clouds.

Heel-toe drop: 6mm

Weight: 230g (US M 8.5)

£120. See Cloud Flow

On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof

Lightweight support meets waterproof protection in the Cloudflyer. The cushioing is as you would expect from On plus there is an injection of stability.

Quick look: Good for the wet, stability, cushioning.

Heel-toe drop: 7mm

Weight: 292g (US M 8.5)

£140. See Cloudflyer.

On Running Cloudace

With cushioning and stability this is a shoe for the long haul. It’s popular with people doing Ironman distance events and ultra runners.

Quick look: Durable, stability, big cushioning.

Heel-to-toe drop: 7mm

Weight: 335g (US M 8.5)

£170. See Cloudace

On Running Cloudventure

This is a trail shoe and there is a new version about to launch. I will be publishing a review very soon. I like it! I actually use the shoe for trails and pavements.

Quick look: Lightweight, cushioned, neutral, good for the trails,.

Heel-toe drop: 6mm

£125. See Cloudventure

On Running Cloudrush


This is a competition shoe that is lightweight and with only a 5mm heel-to-toe drop.

Quick glance: Made to crush rivals.

Heel-toe drop: 5mm

Weight: 220g (US M 8.5)

£120. Cloudrush

On Running Cloudflash

Compete – and win. That is all…(You do pay a bit extra for a racing shoe it seems.)

Quick look: If you like to try to go faster a lightweight racing shoe will help.

Heel-toe drop: 5mm | 0.20 in

Weight: 211g (US M 8.5)

£160. Cloudflash.

(By clicking on these links, I will earn a bit of commission for any sales. Thanks in advance.)

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