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Indoor activities to enjoy when staying in a holiday home

Written by Fiona

January 22 2019

You have booked a holiday home in the UK with great ideas of lots of outdoor activities, but then the weather turns out to be a little less than kind. What can you do to pass the time in an enjoyable way when outside the rain, wind or snow is forcing you to stay indoors?

Here are a few ideas for indoor activities to enjoy while staying at a holiday home.

Film Days

Not all holiday homes have smart televisions or DVD players, but most people will take a laptop or tablet with them on holiday. If you plan ahead and download a few films before you set off on holiday, it means you will have the means to great entertainment for evenings, or during the day when the weather is inclement.

If you can light a fire in a stove and snuggle up under a duvet with your nearest and dearest, you will discover a lovely way to relax while on holiday, even if it wasn’t quite what you had hoped for.

Let it rain, while you enjoy some time indoors.

Food Therapy

Most holiday homes have a kitchen, which means that if you come prepared with the right kind of food, you’ll be able to cook up a feast over many hours to consume in the confines of your home as the weather rages outside.

Plates of comfort food, such as soups, casseroles or a big breakfast can help you to get through a day when you wish you were walking a hill or cycling in the countryside yet the weather is not playing ball.

Have a Flutter

Sometimes, there’s nothing for it but to open a gambling app and place a couple of bets to enjoy your favourite sport or casino game from the comfort of your holiday home sofa. Unibet casino games offer a wide variety of low-stake options to keep you occupied as the wind howls past your little cottage or the snow flurries against your door. By the firelight and in the peace and quiet away from the city life, you can still enjoy the casino environment from the privacy or your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Board Games and Jigsaws

It may seem a little last-century, but board games and jigsaws take on a new level of charm and fun when you’re marooned in the midst of a storm in your holiday home.

It’s not until you play a traditional board game, such as Monopoly of Scrabble, that you remember just how much fun they are. However, let’s hope you do not become so competitive that you fall out while on holiday!

And, of course, if you are on holiday in UK the weather is always changing so the chances are that after a day or two of inclement conditions, you’ll wake one morning to find a clear and dry days in which to finally get outside and make the most of the beautiful landscapes around you.

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