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6 fun and exciting outdoor activities to try

Written by Fiona

June 07 2019

If you are looking for new ideas for exciting and interesting outdoors activities to try, you should check out this list. We have chosen six favourites.

Tree camping

Take your camping experience to new heights with an overnight stay in a tree. There are different ways to go tree camping, including a portaledge, which is a platform suspended from one point supported with a metal frame.

Another option is simply called a tree tent. These are usually made with thermal liners or even recycled materials to create added warmth. Some even offer renewable electricity and water storage. If you want something more treehouse-like, treepees are a great choice, especially for kids.

Or how about hanging in a tree in a camping hammock? Hammocks are very on-trend for overnight stays in the great outdoors.

Shoot for a target

You could choose to visit a shooting range, or try archery or clay pigeon shooting. It’s exciting learning how to use the right arms, shooting range scope and how to get as close to a bullseye as possible. This is a good activity to do as a group of friends because it adds a competitive element.

There are a lot of ins and outs about firearms and you might want to gather some information before you go. You can look online for almost any information you need or any questions you might want answered. There are plenty of reliable sources such a or that serve as informative sources on not only gear but news as well.

Bungee jumping

The concept of bungee jumping is pretty simple, although the jumping can be far form easy to do. Participants are harnessed for safety and then they jump. This causes a freefall until the cord stops you.

Choose a reputable or recommend company to try a bungee jump. Alternatives include bridge jumping.

There are plenty of beautiful destinations that offer this thrilling experience.

Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a unique experience. Many associate it with sipping champagne and enjoying a bird’s eye view. A hot air balloon ride can give you a fabulous view of the local landscape but there are some things to know before getting started.

It’s a great activity to do with a special person or a group of friends, especially if you have something to celebrate. It’s also good to know that you aren’t going to get the same feeling you’d expect on a boat but the landing can sometimes be a little jostling.

Alternative ideas for special flights might be a glider trip, a helicopter ride, microlighting or a sea plane outing.

Zip lining

Zip-lining is an exciting, high-speed trip that sees you whizzing through the air and in some great locations.

Most zip lines are set up in forest locations, especially as part of a number of tree top adventure course, or you can choose to try an iconic zip line, such as the longest in Europe.

Safety kit and harnesses are supplied by the provider and all you need is a bit of courage to step off the launch platform.

Ski touring in Scotland.

Ski touring

If you already enjoy skiing downhill, why not add the excitement and fitness benefits of skiing uphill, too? There is no need for ski lifts, which means you can reach fresh powder destinations that few others go to.

Ski touring involves being able to ski uphill, with the use of “skins” on the base of skis and special bindings that allow you to perform a walk uphill motion. Then when you want to ski downhill, you remove the skins, clip in your heels and speed off.

There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had. Which will you choose to try first?

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