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How to promote brand and sponsor awareness at an event

Written by Fiona

June 12 2019

Many brands and companies see the benefits of sponsoring sports and outdoor events. Being associated with a health-giving event or perhaps a local race or festival can offers advantages in terms of how the public will then perceive your brand or company.

It is usually a positive association and this, in turn, will be of benefit when potential customers are choosing a company to purchase from. It’s a form of positive marketing.

So if you are planning to be a sponsor for an event, it’s important to make sure you capitalise on this with a range of products. You’ll need to have the agreement of the event or race organisers but it’s worth attending a meeting with some ideas of you own.

5 great ways to raise brand awareness

Companies such as offer many different solutions and ideas for customised printing on to a rage of different products.

Banners: These come in a range of different shapes and sizes but they are aimed at giving maximum impact. For example, a banner on a stand at the entrance to a race registration will be highly noticeable.

You could suggest to the event organiser that you organise for a banner tat reads: “Race registration this way”. And add your logo and website underneath as the official sponsor.

If it’s a triathlon, you could ask for a sponsor banner to be fitted to a wall or hanging place inside the swimming pool, or over the transition fences when people move from the swim to bike and then bike to swim.

It’s best to choose waterproof banners.

Leaflets: While so much of advertising and promotion is done on-line these days, there is still a place for hard copy marketing, such as leaflets, flyers and business cards.

If you are sponsoring an event you could have simple leaflets and flyers created, informing participants and supporters at the race who you are and what you do. Why not add a message that says why it is important to you to sponsor the event?

Give-aways: You could offer give-aways for the race participants. Recognition is another benefit of promotional products. Maybe the organisers have planned a race goodie bag and you could add pens, mugs, button badges, notebooks or stickers with your logo printed on to them.

Prizes: A larger item with your branding on it, such as bags, water bottles, t-shirts or umbrellas will make great prizes. That way you brand maintains longevity even after the event is finished.

Because people will continue to use the products, your name and advertising will travel further afield than the event.

Having a positive association with an event or race will reap benefits in the form of promotion of your brand in the longer term.

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