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The benefits of electric bikes

Written by Fiona

June 21 2019

The breadth and range of electric bikes are on the increase. There are now electric racer, mountain and hybrid bikes. The bikes are lighter, more efficient and prices are coming down. Electric bikes are those powered by a battery that sits on or in the frame of a bike. The cyclist must still pedal the bike to make it go forward but with the aid of the electrical power it’s possible to go faster and further. Here we look at the benefits of electric bikes.

Why choose electric bikes

Did you know the invention of electric bikes goes back to the early 1800s? Back then, it was a different style of bike to wha you will see today. he modern electric bike is now a much lighter and sleeker product – and in some case you would not even know the bike is electric because the battery is so neatly hidden.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Electric bikes are an environment-friendly form of transport because they emit less pollution than other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. They also help lower the overall consumption of energy, as they only consume an average of 100 to 150 watts. People who ride an electric bike, such as to commute to work, often do so instead of driving a car or taking the train.

  • Go further and faster

The new technology of e-bikes allows the biker to cover longer distances with relatively less effort. If you can ride a normal bike 10 miles, you will be able to ride an e-bike much further. The power-assist is also useful for getting up hills. As you pedal the bike, the action also ads to the storage of the battery, so you will be able to ride further than ever before.

  • A good leveller

If you have a partner who is faster and stronger than you or you are finding that a group of friends are now faster than you as you age, an e-bike offers a great leveller. It allows you to keep up and still enjoy going out with your favourite people.

  • Good for sore joints

E-bikes have a battery-powered pedal-assist, which gives you a pedalling boost while cycling. Such a feature reduces the impact of stress on the knees and thighs, especially when climbing hills.

  • Good for physical and mental health

Cycling on an electric bike has several benefits for your health, whether mental or physical. Riding an electric bike is the same as riding a normal bike. It involves pedalling, which is good form of cardiovascular exercise and a great strength builder.

Being out in the fresh air, especially if you ride in the countryside, is good for mental health, too.

  • Financial benefits

Once you have bought an electric bike, you have an efficient and cheap-to-run form of transport. Electricity is far cheaper than other fuels, such as petrol. You’ll also save money on public transport. It’s a great long-term investment.

  • See more places

By e-bike you will be able to ravel further and explore new places. It’s an excellent – and environmentally friendly way – to journey through your own country or abroad.

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