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Review: Eyepod Breakaway prescription sport sunglasses

Written by Fiona

July 01 2019

With a high prescription (-7), I am always on the look out for reasonably priced sports sunglasses. I have been testing Eyepod Breakaway wraparound prescription sunglasses.

I have struggled for decades to find an optician or company that will make me wraparound sunglasses. I like wraparound sunglasses for running, cycling, walking and skiing. My prescription means that I am often told by brands and opticians that wraparound is not an option.

Some brands, such as Oakley, do not even make wraparound lenses in my higher prescription and other companies have tried, but failed, because the wraparound shape causes distortion in my peripheral vision.

Many companies have tried really hard to help but the technology is not quite there. It is getting there and has improved over the years but I still struggle to find wraparound sunglasses that do a good job – and also look good.

Now I also have the added frustration of “old eyes”, which means I need varifocal lenses.

I have had some success with Optilabs but the frame I preferred because it fits my smaller female head is no longer available. I have found RXsports to be very helpful, too, and while I like my Oakley specs for everyday wear they could not find the right sunglass frames and lenses to suit me.

Eyepod Breakaway wraparounds in carbon look.
Eyepod Breakaway wraparounds in black.

On test: Eyepod prescription sunglasses

I was rather surprised when I approached Eyepod. I spotted a stand at the Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show and told them my difficulties. They seemed up for the challenge and I was interested by their frames.

The wraparound frame is designed so it disguises some of the thickness of the lens. To create a lens in my prescription usually means it is thick at the outer edges – and this is where the distortion happens. The thick lenses also look ugly.

The Eyepod Breakaway frame looks wraparound yet it also allows for a flatter lens in the design, which means there is a lot less distortion at the edges.

The frames are lightweight and small enough to fit my head with the advantage of having flexible arms that can be easily adjusted to get a secure fit.

There are some great extra features, too, such changeable arms. It’s possible to replace the arms with a sports cord that fits around the back of the head for a more secure fit when, for example, doing watersports.

The lens also have a “Click” system. This allows for the lenses to be clicked out and other lenses with a different tint to be clicked in.

There is plenty of choice of lenses, too, including single vision, varifocal and bifocal. Lenses can be standard, mirrored, polarised or transition. In addition the lenses are supplied in a range of colours, such as brown, grey, amber, yellow and clear.

I chose grey and yellow for versatility. The grey is my standard sunglass lens and I asked for it to be as dark as possible because I loathe bright light in my eyes. I also have a yellow lens so that I can wear them in low light conditions, such as when skiing or on a winter bike ride.

The frame choice includes, plain black, carbon look and red.

A mix up when ordering (this could have been due to my indecision) meant that I received the carbon style frame first and then the black frame. We struck a deal whereby I kept both frames for a small extra cost. Now I have them both I think I prefer the carbon look frame but it is great to have two pairs to chose from.

Eyepod are easy to deal with and very helpful.

I have been wearing the sunglasses for many months and in all kinds of conditions and I love them. I think they look pretty cool and they offer great vision. They are lightweight and stay on my head/face.

The nose piece is comfortable and also adjustable.

My only slight criticism is that the lenses do fog a bit when it’s raining. I find I need to push them a little away from my face to create more air flow. This has happened only twice and in heavy rain when I have been working hard (therefore breathing hard). To be honest, this is a common issue with wraparounds, even those with so-called added ventilation.

The other great advantage of the Eyepod Breakway prescription sunglasses is the cost. People who do not wear prescription sunglasses are usually very surprised to hear how expensive my glasses can be. I have paid well more than £450 for a pair before.

For varifiocal lenses in a standard black the cost is £209. The glasses come with a microfibre cleaning cloth along with a hard case and sports cord.

For single vision, the cost is £129.

Because it’s possible to change the lenses part of the frame it means that if you need a new prescription, or a different lens colour, you do not need to pay for the whole frame again.

See Eyepod Sports Glasses on-line.

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