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What does it take to be a Wimbledon champion?

Written by Fiona

July 01 2019

With Wimbledon 2019 just around the corner, new research has taken a closer look at the singles champions of the past 50 years. The results reveal some interesting statistics, including the fact that singletons are four times more likely to become a Wimbledon champion and American tennis stars are 11 times more likely to win Wimbledon than their British counterparts.

The Myprotein research also reveals:

  • 81% of all Wimbledon winners weren’t married
  • 98% of female Wimbledon winners didn’t have children
  • 76% of men weren’t married at the time of winning
  • 43% of winners have been from the US.
  • Almost 60% of past winners were either an only child or had just one sibling.

What does a Wimbledon winner look like?

Looking at more details of the Myprotein research ahead of Wimbledon’s 142nd year, it is revealed that, on average, both the male and female singles champions were 25 years old and were from the US.

While the average women’s champion was single and without children, the average male champion was either in a relationship or married at the time of winning and had at least one child.

Interestingly, the average women’s champions have three siblings compared to the men’s average of one, suggesting that a big family atmosphere is key to being a successful women’s champion.

When looking at those who have won Wimbledon more than once, however, the player profiles change slightly.

Male repeat champions typically have blonde hair and blue eyes, whereas the average champion has brown hair and eyes.

Although male repeat winners are also typically in a relationship at the time of winning, the majority of repeat champions (81%) didn’t have children when they won the title.

The female players who have won Wimbledon multiple times are the heaviest player profile, averaging a weight of 67kg. This suggests that a heavier build and therefore more power is very important to becoming a women’s repeat Wimbledon champion.

Of the male champions who have won the title once, results show that these are the only players who, on average, are single at the time of winning and who don’t have children.

Wimbledon champs in graphics

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