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Bucket list trip: Fly over the Mont Blanc Massif

Written by Fiona

August 05 2019

Six years ago, I took a small plane flight with Aerocime to see Mont Blanc close up. It was amazing. I always said I would like to return with Hubby G. This week we did just that and booked on to the longer 40-minute flight over the Mont Blanc Massif. It is one of the best things that I have done.

G agreed, saying: “I have heard about and read about all these mountains and now I have seen them up close. It was incredible.

“The flight gives you a full perspective of the Mont Blanc Massif. I don’t think you can fully comprehend the mountain range and glaciers until you have seen it from above and so close.

“I can’t think of a better experience. I have done some brilliant things but as a sightseeing tour I can’t think of anything better.”

A very happy Hubby G.

Where is Aerocime?

The Aerocime fight leaves from Megeve, about an hour’s drive from Chamonix. My tip is to give yourself extra time to reach the airport because you need to negotiate some windy, hilly roads.

The flight heads over the Mont Blanc Massif, which is a mountain range in the Alps. The range is located mostly in France and Italy, but also straddles Switzerland at the northeastern end.

The massif contains 11 major independent summits, each more than 4000m tall. The range is named after Mont Blanc, the highest point in western Europe and the EU.

Pilot Nicolas and G.

The Aerocime flight

The 40-minute flight takes in a circuit above the Mont Blanc Massif at an altitude of around 3000m. The small plane has seats for three passengers and a pilot. It boasts a “panoramic canopy” so you can enjoy great views all around.

Our pilot was Nicolas, who offered a wealth of information about the view below and the landscape as he flew the plane.

We flew via the Chamonix valley, over numerous stunning glaciers, such as Argentière glacier and the Mer du Glace, and within close range of the Vallee Blanche and peaks such as Mont Blanc, Aiguille du Midi, Grandes Jorasses, Aguille de Triolet, Aiguille du Verte, Aiguille du Dru and Dôme du Goûter.

What is it like to fly over Mont Blanc Massif?

I confess I was nervous about being in such a small, light plane but we were quickly off the airstrip and in the air. There wasn’t much point in worrying about the size of the plane after that!

Although my stomach was still in knots of anxiety, I realised that there are advantages of being in such a tiny form of transport because it is possible to gain amazingly close access to the mountains and the glaciers.

We flew so close that it made my stomach flip with both excitement and fear. But, overall, I felt utter “wow”.

The views were breathtaking as we flew in and out of numerous glaciated valleys. We could see the snow, ice, crevasses and rocks at incredibly close range.

Despite having done a similar flight before I was still massively impressed. The only other tour that I have done that was as spectacular was the helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon. (Read: How to see the Grand Canyon in one amazing day.)

If you enjoy sightseeing and the mountains, this Aerocime flight should be on your bucket list.

Take a look at these mini films:

The cost of the 40-minute flight is €160 per person. A 30-minute flight is €120.

Heading back to the small landing strip.

See Aerocime.

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