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Essential things to know before trying an archery range for fun

Written by Fiona

October 14 2019

Archery is a great sport and one that has a rich history in both competition and combat. These days, many people enjoy archery as a fun activity. Here are a few things to learn about the sport of archery.

The technical stuff

Archery has its own set of vocabulary, terminologies and specifications that would be great for you to be familiar with. Of course, if yo are starting out the chances are you will be having a lesson so your instructor should tell you a lot of the details. However, having subjects like the draw weight explained beforehand will allow you to ask additional questions when you are doing he activity.

Also, read up on the lingo that’s used at the range, you’ll find that there are terms such as, “bows up” and “dry shooting” that you might want to learn to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

Learn the basics

You need to know the basics before you can start shooting arrows at the range. It’s advisable that you enroll in one of the crash courses at your range, or ask one of the range staff to teach you the basics.

They will teach you the proper shooting form and rules for competing. It’s vital that you learn the basics so that you stay safe at the range.

The equipment

If it’s your first time, you will most likely hire the equipment you need. Most coached sessions will offer participants all the kit they need. Also, when you hire the equipment, you’ll be able to try different types of bows and find one that you would want to invest in if you decide that it’s a sport that you want to pursue.

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Remember, bows can get pretty expensive, plus there are lots o accessories, too, including wrist guards, stabilisers and the arrows.

Wear the right clothes

It’s advised that you don’t wear any loose clothing at the archery range because it could limit your range of motion and it could get caught up in your equipment. This could make the activity unsafe for you and your friends because it could result in arrows going all over the place.

During the summertime – since archery is a great summer sport – you could go around in your summer gear, but it has to give you a certain degree of protection.

Fitted trousers and shorts, or athletic gear, is encouraged. For people with long hair, it’s advised to tie your hair back. Also, avoid wearing jewellery to the range as it might get caught in the bow etc.


The most important thing to keep in mind when beginning archery is to make sure that you enjoy doing it. Once you get the basics down and you’re familiar with the procedures for safety, you’ll find that it is an enjoyable sport. It’s so great that even Bhutan considers it a national sport.

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