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Review: Comfyballs underwear for men and women

Written by Fiona

October 17 2019

Comfyballs underwear was launched in 2012 with the promise of offering the ultimate comfort in underwear for men. Now the company has launched a new line of Comfy underwear for women, too. I wrote this review of an earlier version of Comfy underwear for women, the Comfy hipster pants.

Both Hubby G and I have been wearing Comfyballs and Comfy underwear in recent weeks and months.

Comfyballs microfibre regular boxers for men

Features include:

  • 84% polyester microfibre
  • 16% elastane
  • “PackageFront” technology
  • For everyday use and casual sports.
  • Low waist
  • Tailored fit
  • Flatlock seams
  • Super soft fabric
  • Fast drying
  • Breathability
  • Comfort.
  • Sizes S to XXXL.
  • £25.99
Longer version of the Comfyballs boxers.

G has worn the pants for everyday use and for climbing and hill walking. He says: “There is not a lot to report on the pants except that they are comfortable. If there was something annoying about them I would have more to say but they are great.

“I like the soft fabric, the wide waistband and the fit. The support is also good. It is nice to have pants in bright colours, as well as standard black. I have the regular length but they is a longer length if people prefer.”

Comfy Women’s Hipster Performance pants & racer back bra

Features include:

  • 79% polyamide / 21% Lycra
  • Seamless, sculpted construction
  • Super soft
  • Lightweight
  • Fast drying
  • Breathable
  • 40mm band
  • Sizes S to XXL
  • £16.90 for pants, £26 for bra.

The fabric feels lovely. It is really light and silky. The fit of the items is good, too, although I advise you go down a size in the bra and up a size in the pants.

At first I thought the seams of the pants would irritate my skin. There are two seams at the front of the pants. However, after a wash I did not notice the seams again.

The wide bands on the pants and bra make them comfortable and there is no digging in. I found the shape of the pants to be supportive for most sports, although the bra is not ideal for higher impact sports because there little support.

I am not big chested and I would reserve the bra for activities such as low impact yoga or Pilates, although because I do not have big boobs I have dared to wear the bra for hill walking and I have found it is fine.

Because I sweat when I walk I have been able to test the fast-drying advantages of the fabric and I can report it dries quickly.

I asked Comfyballs why they would make a sports-style bra with low support and they said it’s a “lounging” or casual bra. It’s the sort of bra you might put on for relaxing at home or for easier going activities. Why then make it in a fast-drying wicking fabric?! Why call them “performance”?

You could wear this sort of bra under a swimming costume if you wanted a bit of support while swimming.

I like racer back bras and rarely wear a proper underwire bra so they suit my lifestyle. I wish there was a bit more of a supportive construction but I guess that then the price would be a lot more.

Comfy Women’s Wood Hipster Pants & Crop Bra

Features include:

  • 45% Cotton / 45% Lenzing Modal® / 10% Lycra®
  • Soft fabric, spun from cellulose from Austria
  • Sizes: S to XXL.
  • Pants £16.89, bra £26.

I am not sure what the “wood” reference is and I had to look up “cellulose”, which is apparently the main substance found in plant cell walls and helps the plant to remain stiff and strong. Perhaps the “wood” is just the chosen name of the series of pants and bras.

Anyway, I like the feel of the fabric and it is more cotton like than the performance underwear. It is soft and easy to wear. There is no irritation from the fabric or seams and the wide waistband on the pants is great. The leg part of the pants do not dig into the skin and generally they feel comfortable and supportive.

The bra is not a racer back and has thinner shoulder straps. These are adjustable for a comfortable fit. The same wide band around the base of the bra is a great asset, too.

Again, I would not recommend the bra for high impact sports if you are larger chested. I have worn the bra for an easy run and it was fine for me because I do not have a lot of bounce in the chest area but there are far more supportive bras out there. Of course, the more supportive bras have greater design details and cost a lot more.

This is the sort of bra I would wear for lower-impact sports, such as yoga, Pilates and walking, as well as general life.


The underwear is made of lovely fabrics with a generally nice fit. The products are comfy, as they claim. I had thought they were aimed at sporty people doing sports but I think they are better suited to sporty people who like to have comfortable underwear in general life.

Comfy underwear for women have replaced my Sloggy and calvin Klein underwear of old.

See Comfyballs.

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