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Best gift ideas for kids to inspire their adventurous spirit

Written by Fiona

April 10 2020

Kids are naturally full of energy and many love spending time outdoors and learning new things. It’s important to praise and stimulate their adventurous spirit and inspire them to dream big and explore the world surrounding them.

Whether it’s Christmas time or their birthday, or you simply want to remind them just how special they are, adventurous gifts are always and great idea. Such thoughtful presents excite and encourage youngsters to be bold, curious and conquer new heights. 

This aspiring gift guide includes the most amazing toys, gear, and activity sets that will keep the little explorers inspired.

Why choose an adventurous gift?

It’s a well-known fact that healthy child development and immune system enhancement require regular close-to-nature experiences. Kids need to spend quality time outside, being active and exploring the world. Adventurous gifts encourage youngsters to get out, face challenges, expand their knowledge and get moving, running and playing.

Best gifts for kids who love adventures


There’s nothing more exciting for kids than to have their own treehouse. It’s like their ultimate personal space where they can hide out, play around or invite friends over. Parents can give thieir kids a great treehouse by creating a DIY version or purchasing a completed project.


Little explorers soak up new knowledge, they just want to learn more and more about everything. Binoculars are a must-have in every adventure backpack as they are the ultimate tool for access to the unknown. 

Binoculars designed for outdoorsy kids offer good magnification and are usually water-resistant. Curious minds have a tendency to closely observing insects, birds and animals. Any hiking, bird watching or sailing expedition is taken to a whole new level with a great set of binoculars. 

Climbing set

Kids enjoy climbing. Jungle gyms, playgrounds and at-home climbing walls offer this kind of entertainment are a good idea. Climbing improves a youngster’s balance and promotes strength.

A bike

Cycling is a great way to explore and it can be enjoyed by all the family. Just think about how many precious memories you could make with your little ones on family cycling expeditions. 

Best gifts for kids to inspire them for an adventure


A compass is the ultimate gift to inspire a kid’s adventurous spirit. There are many child-friendly options and designs – from an on-wrist bracelet compass to a regular hand-held one. No matter the type you choose, it will make a young adventurer feel like a professional explorer.

The main advantage of this present is that your child becomes more coordinated and learns about directions and magnetic fields.

World Scratch Map

Gifting a Scratch map to your adventure-inspired kid allows them to dream about world exploration. It give your children the chance to learn about different countries and cultures and also stimulates their imagination. 

You can buy a custom-designed Scratch Map that matches your child’s room, or even use it for educational purposes by turning scratching off into a full-on learning about the world game. 

Adventure books

Nothing inspires young curious minds more than a great adventure book. Kids are always looking for sources of information that expands their knowledge. Their constant desire to learn new things makes a book the perfect tool to stimulate their imagination. 

Adventure books allows little ones to explore new places and face challenging situations, without even leaving their home. Through reading ,kids develop their interests and get inspired to actually go out and pursue an adventure themselves.


Walkie-talkies are a must in every young adventurer’s bag. They inspire a sense of community as they keep children and friends connected during playtime. The best thing about walkie-talkies is that they are always relevant and could make any adventurous game feel realistic. They are also a creative solution for parents to enthuse and entertain their little ones during hiking trips.

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