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Friends reinvent Joan’s last Munro as a #hikeinthehoose

Written by Fiona

April 10 2020

When friends of a keen walker Joan realised that lockdown would force her to cancel her last Munro this weekend, they decided to reinvent the event.

Elaine Shepherd has led the way in encouraging the Linlithgow Ramblers pals to climb the equivalent ascent of Beinn Na Lap at Corrour – but on their stairs at home.

Each walker is likely to climb their staircase hundreds of times to reach the total elevation of 562m (the height from the base of Beinn Na Lap to the summit at 937m.)

North ridge of Beinn Na Lap. Credit: Karl and Ali

The walkers are also raising funds for during the lockdown event tomorrow (Easter Saturday).

Elaine said: “What started as a bit of a joke, ‘we should all climb our stairs on this day instead and raise funds for Scottish Mountain Rescue’ has quickly become a reality, so here we go. We’ll be all starting at 11.15am and we have no idea when we will finish.”

The ascent proper of Joan’s 282nd Munro in her full round has been postponed until October.

Joan at the top of another Munro, Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair, in the Fisherfields.

How many stairs?

If you would like to join the challenge or you want to understand what these friends will have to do, you need to measure the height of your stairs (for example, 19cm each), then multiply this number by the number of stairs (eg 14) and then divide the elevation height of Beinn na Lap (562m) by the height of your stairs

The Munro stair climb formula: 19X14= 266 (2.66metres), 562/2.66= 212 climbs (rounded up).

Elaine at top of Schiehallion celebrating another Linlithgow Ramblers member’s last Munro in the autumn.

Elaine added: “Many hill walkers are missing being out in the hills at this time, although we appreciate how essential this is. Hill walking for many people isn’t just fitness and exercise, it’s their social life, too.

“As a very active walking group, we greatly appreciate the comfort and support that Scottish Mountain Rescue can bring and knowing that they are there if we need them is such a privilege.

“What we want to achieve most in this challenge is to make people smile, reconnect the walking community and have a bit of fun.

“We would like to encourage any other Ramblers, other walking groups or individuals to join in and would suggest a £10 donation to take part (not compulsory) and we’ll be sharing the challenge on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #hikeinthehoose.”

Make a donation to #hikeinthehoose

Already, the fun lockdown challenge has raised more than £900 for Scottish Mountain Rescue. You can also donate.

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