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Review: Berghaus women’s Paclite 2.0 waterproof jacket

Written by Fiona

May 15 2020

I have been testing the Berghaus women’s Paclite 2.0 waterproof jacket in the Scottish mountains (before lockdown). I have also worn it for local walks when we have (occasionally) had a bit of rain. As soon as we are allowed back to the hills and mountains, it will be the jacket I choose for my summer walking adventures.

Features include:

  • Gore-Tex Paclite fabric (for waterproofing and small-size packing)
  • Lightweight
  • A fixed, fully adjustable hood offers additional weather protection.
  • Baffle behind front zip stops water from getting inside.
  • Reverse coil zip for a sleeker, more stylish finish.
  • Hook and loop adjustment at the cuffs.
  • Two zipped hand pockets
  • Contains bluesign® approved fabrics, making this jacket planet friendly
  • Part of the Berghaus MADEKIND™ commitment to creating high-performance gear that’s kinder to the planet
  • Price: £150
  • Sizes 8 to 20
  • See Berghaus Paclite 2.0.
  • There is a men’s version of the Paclite 2.0.
Testing, testing…

Tested: Berghaus women’s Paclite 2.0 waterproof jacket

Summer in Scotland can bring a wide range of weather. Even in one day, you may experience all four seasons. It’s vital that you have a highly waterproof jacket on, or in your rucksack.

Because the summer is usually a bit warmer (usually!), I choose a summer weight jacket, rather than my more robust winter heavier weight Gore-tex walking jacket.

The Paclite 2.0 is lightweight but not too flimsy feeling. It packs into a small space in the rucksack yet it’s still robust enough to do a good job even in heavy spring or summer rain.

I like that the fabric keeps out the rain and the wind. Scotland has more than its fair share of wind and rain and it’s essential to have a good weather barrier to stay warm and dry.

I did find that the back of the jacket became a bit wet inside due to sweat. This is where the rucksack was against my back. Breathability elsewhere was fine but the back wasn’t so good. If this is important to you, and you’re OK with paying more, then I’d recommend you to check out Arc’teryx and OutdoorCrunch’s in-depth guide to Arc’teryx Shells.

I also like the look of the jacket. I have the two-tone blue, which is really pretty. Ok, so maybe pretty is the wrong word for a waterproof jacket, but I really like the look and colourway.

There are seven colours in total, offering great choice.

There is a good size range from UK8 to UK20. I have the UK10, which is a perfect fit for me. I can fit a couple of baselayers and a lightweight insulated jacket underneath, yet the jacket still looks fairly fitted.

Berghaus used to make their jackets with hips and waist that were too wide and simply didn’t look good on me but the design of the Paclite 2.0 looks a bit sleeker, which is a bonus for me.

The torso and arm lengths are also quite generous. I am fairly tall with long arms and the fit is ample.

The sleeve cuffs are fairly generous as well. I like to have cuffs that will slide on and off while I wear gloves. The cuffs cope with my lightweight insulated summer gloves.

The hood is a good fit as well. It offers fairly easy adjustment. I always find I need to fiddle about with the toggles to get the first fit sorted but once this is done, I rarely adjust again. I usually only wear the hood when it’s really wet or windy so it needs to be adjusted to be a neat fit.

A few details that are missing, in my opinion, include a two-way zip; a wee bit of nice fabric at the top of the zip to the rear, where the jacket touches the chin; and zipped pockets placed higher up the jacket so that my rucksack waistband doesn’t cover them.

However, at £150 you can’t expect all the finer details and since it’s a jacket that I would not wear for the entire walk, rather for sections of the walk or only in wet weather I can put up with the missing features.

If you are looking for a summer jacket that is easy to wear and packs into a small space and has good waterproofing qualities and also looks rather lovely, this is a great choice.

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