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‘Meet’ adventurers Rob Bell and Jenny Wordsworth in live lockdown sessions

Written by Fiona

June 11 2020

British adventurer Rob Bell and ultra-endurance athlete Jenny Wordsworth will deliver live lockdown sessions virtually this evening. Rob’s session airs at 7pm, while Jenny will be live at 8pm. Their sessions are part of a series organised by Marloe Watch Company.

Keen adventurer Rob Bell.

Adventurer, engineer and TV presenter Rob Bell

Live, 7pm this evening (June 11).

In January 2015, Rob became one of very few people to have successfully run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

In the same year, he teamed up with James Heptonstall and Noel Carroll to race London’s Docklands Light Railway.

He has also run the first five World Marathon Majors (Tokyo was recently added as the sixth), all in under three hours. His personal best is 2:45.

Rob is the son of a scout leader and has always had a curiosity to explore his surroundings. Thrill-seeking has taken him to all corners of the planet, from canoeing the remotest waters of the Yukon, to rallying through the Sahara, trekking in the Arctic on a climate science recce and working as a ski lift operator in the Canadian Coastal Mountains.

Rob is also an engineer, actively champions STEM subjects (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths) and is passionate about raising the profile of Engineering amongst school kids.

Rob’s physical challenges have been instrumental in his personal growth – and his understanding that we can push ourselves more than we thought possible. He will be sharing his experiences during the lockdown session and how these have shaped him.

Rob said: “The personal growth I have experienced, as a result of the physical challenges I have put myself through, has been exponential. You really can push yourself much harder than you think.

“Two major lessons for me have been around resilience and confidence. The reality is that if you want to achieve something that means something to you, then it’s going to take bloody hard work to get there and possible knock backs along the way. It is also important to dismiss the naysayers and have confidence in your own ability.”

Send your question to Rob in advance of his Marloe Watch Company Lockdown Session – Follow @marloewatchco on Instagram and comment under any Lockdown Session post with the following hashtags #marloelockdownsessions @rob.bell.

Jenny’s solo ski.

Ultra-endurance athlete and lawyer Jenny Wordsworth

Live at 8pm this evening (June 11)

Jenny Wordsworth (née Davis) has competed around the world in multi-day running events and, in recent years, took that experience and determination to the South Pole.

She first attempted to ski 700 miles solo, unsupported and unassisted from the coastline of Antarctica to the South Pole in 2018, but her attempt was cut short when she had to be medically evacuated.

Jenny returned to Antarctica in November 2019 and completed her lifelong skiing solo dream.

Jenny is also an advocate for increasing female participation in sport and adventure. She organises an annual women’s team, which takes part in adventure globally.

Jenny’s next personal adventures will be to climb Mount Lobuche in Nepal and to participate in the 1800km Silk Road Mountain Bike race in Kyrgyzstan.

She also has a new book coming out later in the year.

In her lockdown session, Jenny hopes to inspire others to use lockdown as a way to build grit, resilience and confidence.

Jenny said: “My experiences have been instrumental in helping me build grit, resilience and confidence as well as athletic ability. For me, it’s about putting myself in the way of something that’s hard to achieve and then, having experienced and completed it, I find the process brings about growth and change in ways I never could have anticipated.

“Whether it’s running across the Gobi desert or skiing solo to the South Pole, neither success or failure is absolute and I focus more on the experience and opportunity for growth.

“I think adventure and exploration are the most profound and instinctive ways that we can achieve that growth of character. I am excited to share some of my personal learnings as a way to inspire others as lockdown continues.”

You can send questions to Jenny Wordsworth in advance of her Marloe Watch Company Lockdown Session. Follow @marloewatchco on Instagram and comment under any Lockdown Session post with the following hashtags #marloelockdownsessions @jenny.wordsworth

What is Marloe Watch Company?

Marloe Watch Company is a young, British brand specialising in beautifully designed but affordable mechanical wristwatches. Since the business launched in 2015, Marloe Watch Company has been riding high on consumer demand for its heritage, mechanical timepieces.

The company, which was founded remotely thanks to the founders’ chance meeting in an online watch forum, is helping to bring about something of a renaissance in mechanical watches for the average person.

Previously, almost exclusively the domain of the most expensive watch brands, Marloe Watch Company’s timepieces are democratising the everyday ritual of winding and wearing a mini engineering marvel on your wrist.

As lockdown continues, Marloe Watch Company has rounded-up some of their most inspiring explorers, athletes and adventurers for a series of Live Lockdown Sessions.

To tune in, see Marloe Watch Company Lockdown Sessions. Enter your name, email and question to take part.

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