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Five of the best outdoor sports

Written by Fiona August 06 2020

There are so many outdoor sports to chose from and this post reveals five popular activities. They take in land and water sports, as well as covering winter and summer.


Running is very simple, requires very little equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere, both competitively and non-competitively. Whether you are competing or just planning to go for a leisurely run with friends, running is a great pastime.

Running has become very popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why because once you have a pair of running shoes and some basic clothing, you can do it anywhere and at any time. Run on the pavements, on trails, up hill or mountains, depending on your fitness and experience.

If you like buying gear and equipment, there is plenty to choose from, such as sports watches, technical clothing, different shoes for different terrains and running sun glasses.

If you like following running events, betting websites like Findbettingsites cover huge events like the world championships, golden league or the Olympics.

The benefits of running include improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, weight maintenance and loss and improved mental well-being.

Stand up paddleboarding

An outdoor sport that is increasingly popular, stand up paddleboarding or SUPs sees participants standing on a board to float and paddle on water.

Most people prefer calm water but it can be enjoyed in waves and surf, too. The sport is calming and offers wonderful views of the water form above.

All you need is a paddleboard, usually inflated at the shore, and a long-handled paddle, as well as a wetsuit or swimming costume, depending on conditions.

Enjoy paddleboarding with a friend or a group of friends and arrange an A-to-B route if you have two vehicles for the start and finish, or a return outing.

SUPs is great for body strength, especially core muscles.

Skiing The Flypaper in Glencoe in spring snow.


Skiing is a fantastic sport although it can be an expensive activity. There are different types of skiing from downhill to back country and off-piste.

Resort skiing allows you to take uplift, such as by chairlift or gondola and then ski down groomed slopes.

Heading off-piste allows you to access fresh snow and places that others have not reached. With touring skis you can ski uphill thanks to “skins” attached to the base of the skis to stop you slipping backwards and the ski downhill on your own pristine slope.

You do need to buy a lot of kit to start with and this is expensive but it is long-lasting.


Cycling is a very accessible sport once you have a bicycle. There are plenty of options, from track racing to road cycling to mountain biking to bike packing. One of the fastest growing areas is e-biking (electric assisted bikes).

Bikes range in price hugely and it tends to be that the lighter the materials, the pricier the bike. Take advice from a cycling friend or a bike shop and definitely try a bike before you buy. Think carefully about where you will most use the bike and buy accordingly.

Cycling is great for cardio fitness and strength, as well as for mental health.

Hill walking

Again, hill walking is an accessible sport and it’s possible to build up your experience by going out with friends or a waling group.

You do need some basic kit, such as walking boots or shoes, waterproof and insulated layers, a rucksack, gloves and hat. A map and compass – and knowing how to use them – are essential itemsm too.

Once you get into walking you will discover there is not limit to the places you can explore from local hill summits to remote mountains.

The health benefits are many, across physical and mental well-being.

How To Make The Most Out Of Outdoor Sports 

Make the most of outdoor sports by preparing yourself and what you need. Research the rules and techniques of your chosen sport to maximise your performance.  

Invest in appropriate gear, including clothing, footwear, and protective equipment, tailored to the specific demands of your activity. The best dryrobes are essential in outdoor activities because they offer warmth, protection, privacy, and convenience in various weather conditions, making your outdoor adventures safer and more enjoyable. Moreover, watch the weather forecast for your planned date and location to prepare accordingly. 

Safety should always be a priority. Wear protective gear, carry a first-aid kit, and learn basic first-aid skills. Warm up your muscles with light exercises and stretching to prevent injuries. Stay hydrated and pack snacks or meals, especially for longer outings. Plan your route, inform someone trustworthy about your plans, and pack essential items like maps, navigation tools, and sun protection. 

Regularly maintain your gear to ensure it’s in working condition, and acquire basic outdoor skills such as knot tying and navigation. Follow ‘Leave No Trace’ principles to minimise environmental impact and stay informed about relevant regulations or safety advisories. Consistent training and practice will improve your skills and fitness level, and always be courteous to fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Lastly, relish the experience. Appreciate the natural beauty, physical activity, and sense of adventure that outdoor sports offer.

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