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Safe and sound – 5 helpful safety tips for camping during Covid-19

Written by Fiona

November 11 2020

While we live with the Covid-19 pandemic, the desire for outdoors activity grow stronger. In addition, worldwide travel restrictions mean that we need to focus more on the stay-cation – and this includes camping. Whatever the season, camping is a great way to enjoy spending time amid nature, which has benefits for both physical and mental health.

While camping and walking to a camping spot might seem like a straightforward option even during a health pandemic, there are some safety tips to be aware of. This article lists some of the most important safety tips.

Safety tips for camping during the pandemic

Before you gear up and set off for a camping, make sure you know how to do so safely and with other people’s health in mind.

1.  Know the rules

Different countries and regions in each country have different Covid-19 rules for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and camping. Check government and health websites to ensure you know the rules.

For example, there may be restrictions on how far you can travel from your home and region. This will obviously limit where you go camping.

Then you need to consider whether you will use a campsite or wild camp. If you have a favourite campsite in mind, you’ll need to check ahead to see if they are open and if they are, what the rules are on booking and camping. There will be fewer camping spots than normal as businesses comply with Covid rules.

Camping in the wild – if your country allows this – will be a safer bet but it’s important to make sure you choose a location away from other people. The general rules during the pandemic are to limit the number of people to you meet.

See my tips for hiking and camping with you dog.

2.      Take a mask

While camping is enjoyed in the open air and the risk is claimed to be very low for contracting the virus when outdoors, there will be situations where there is risk and a mask will be handy. If you book a campsite, a mask will be vital for situations such as using shared facilities, arrival and departure etc. Any shops that you need to visit will require a mask to be worn as well.

3.      Up your hygiene

Equip yourself with disinfectant wipes and spray along with hand sanitisers and antibacterial soaps. Every time you come in contact with something that is meant for public use being shared with other campers, such as camping tables, camping crockery, or cutlery, you must sanitise yourself.

Even if you choose to wild camp, if you are camping with a friend it’s important to comply to hygiene rules. You might take your own tent and cook separately but there will be times when you will likely end up in close proximity or sharing items.

4.      Shop first

It’s a good idea to shop locally and stock up on food and items for your camping trip. The virus has a greater chance of spreading if people use shops and facilities away from their local area. Buying all your supplies from the supermarket that you usually use, or on-line, before your trip is recommended.

You’ll also want to purchase all your own camping kit including tents, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, stove, camping knives, accessories, etc before you go. See how to choose the right tent.

5.      Don’t be Indiana Jones 

It is best to avoid adventures that are too daring or outwith your comfort zone or experience during the pandemic. Putting potential strain on rescue services and, subsequently, hospitals is a bad idea. It’s easy enough to enjoy a comfort-zone camping trip so why push the boundaries?

Conclusion: There are many benefits to spending time outdoors and camping is a great option during a pandemic. To do so safely and with commonsense, you simply need to follow a few guidelines. 

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