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5 of the best portable fire pits for camping or days Out

Written by Fiona

December 15 2020

There can be few better ways to end a long day at the beach, walking or while camping or campervanning than enjoying the warmth and glow of a fire pit. Here are five highly rated portable fire pits, which score well on portability.

A firepit is the place to gather around, tell stories, cook food and, of course, toast marshmallows. In Scotland, the smoke from a firepit can be really useful for keeping away the dreaded midge in summer.

When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to be carrying is a weighty metal fire pit. These are five of the best portable fire pits that are easy to move around, pack up and take on your next adventure with you.

Wherever you use a fire pit, whether in the backyard, on a patio, or in the great outdoors, consider using a good fire pit mat. These are heat-resistant pads that protect the surface underneath the fire pit.

Most camping and portable fire pits are close to the ground so heat mats are important. Without them, grass is killed, wooden surfaces like decks can be scorched, and debris underneath can even ignite.

1. BioLite Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit and Grill

This is a great wood-burning fire pit and mainly because it claims to be smokeless! It can go from spark to fire in less than 30 seconds and you can cook your meals on it.

The mesh finish gives you a front row seat to everything going on inside your fire.

You can burn charcoal or wood on it for a hibachi style grilling experience. It has the capacity for four standard fire pit logs.

If you don’t feel like poking your charcoal or logs to adjust the size of your flames, you can do it remotely with the free Bluetooth app! Pretty cool, right?

The firepit’s 10,400 mAh power pack can power your fire for up to 24 hours. Detach and recharge it via USB.

The folding legs make the firepit portable, although it’s not the lightest at 9.1kg included in this review. In this sense, it will be a good choice if you are travelling by vehicle to your camping spot, or beach day, or if you have a campervan.

Around £239. Buy it at Amazon. (Note, I receive a small commission for any sales.) and Biolite.

2. Campfire Defender Pop Up Portable Fire Pit

This simple-to-use pop-up firepit can be set up in less than 60 seconds. It can rest on any type of surface and once the fire is put out it cools down in 90 seconds thanks to it’s aluminium construction.

When this product is set up its surface measures 24″ x 24” and you can burn either wood or coal on it. It may not look it but it is surprisingly strong and can hold up to 125lbs of weight.

This firepit has been chosen in the list because it has no holes in the bottom for ash to fall through and being raised from the ground means you won’t damage the ground.

It folds down to fit in a 5″ x 5″ x 27” bag. It also weighs under 8lbs (3.6kgs), which means easy carrying even to distant those campsites or perfect secret beach spots.

£135. Buy it here. (Note, I receive a small commission for any sales.)

3. Lumiereholic  16.5 Inch Portable Fire Pit

If you’re on a budget, then this is a great cheaper alternative. The Rootless portable fire pit is a fun designed, innovative burner that provides a perfect campfire experience.

We love how lightweight this fire pit is (just over 1kg) and the size: When assembled the firepit is 16.5” (L) x 16.5” (W) x 12.6” (H); when folded, it is 25.6” x 2.5” x 2.5”. 

It is very easy it is to use and features a rollable stainless steel net and folding legs. It is constructed from eco-friendly stainless steel and anti-heating material. The meticulously woven steel net limits ash and debris from slipping through, which means you’re not burning the ground and mess is easily cleaned up.

Just because you’re saving money on this one doesn’t mean you’re losing out on quality. This firepit has the capability to hold enough wood for a great fires.

£20.99 Buy it here(Note, I receive a small commission for any sales.)

4. Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit

If you love cooking outdoors and you want a firepit that you can double up to cook dinner on then this is a great option. This multifunctional two-in-one firepit can be used as a campfire or barbecue grill. It is easy to use with charcoal and wood and has three movable and foldable legs making it easy to transport and store. It can be easily placed in a car or stored in a garage. It’s ring shaped handle on the protective grill means you can safely pick it up.

It also has a protective cover, two grills, a poker and is equipped with a practical spark protection cover, which can safely surround the fire and prevent sparks and foreign objects from scattering.

There is a hook that can be used to remove the protective grille if it is too hot. This portable fire pit is made of premium durable steel with a heat and rust resistant coating.

 The fire bowl measures 22″ x 5″ tall and the weight is 2.2kgs.

£160.70. Buy it here. (Note, I receive a small commission for any sales.)

5 UCO Grilliput Flatpack Grill

Weighing only 1.8kg and easily portable and foldable, the UCO Grilliput offers a barbecue and a firepit.

It is constructed of stainless steel and takes only 30 seconds to set up. The side of the grill serve as wind break for cooking in windy conditions

£39.99. From Amazon (Note, I receive a small commission for any sales.)

Remember it’s important to use the correct wood when burning in your firepit. Why not check out this handy guide.

For more inspiration to enjoy the outdoors check this blog: Have Fun Outdoors.

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